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Why Your Customers Expect You to Offer Free Christmas Gift Wrapping.png

If you’re a small or local business, you’ve probably wondered whether or not you should — or can afford to — offer complimentary gift wrapping and packaging to your customers this holiday season. You’re not alone in your concerns: it can be challenging to navigate, let alone rise to, customer expectations, especially as you approach the end of the year and start examining your numbers more closely. The fact is though, your customers already expect you to offer free gift wrapping — and not doing so could hurt you in the long run. Still not convinced? Here are 6 good reasons to consider offering gift wrapping for your customers.

Reason #1—Everyone’s Doing It

christmas ribbons and bows assortment.jpgOne of the biggest reasons why your customers have come to expect free christmas themed ribbons and bows on a purchase? Because it’s become standard across many industries. Even nationwide-chains sometimes offer some sort of free holiday gift wrap bonus. If your customers aren’t getting free gift wrap from you, it’s reasonable to expect they’ll opt to get it from one of your biggest competitors — whether that’s another local shop or a big business.

Reason #2—You’re Saving Your Customers Time & Money

Customers are doing you a favor by supporting your business. Acknowledging this and giving back to them can go a long way in developing a long-term relationship. Particularly during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, people will appreciate you saving them some time and money by offering free gift wrapping on their purchases. It’s a little thing that really can go a long way in terms of loyalty.

Reason #3—Customers Want Rewards

holiday winter gift wrap.jpgCustomer loyalty comes with expectations — they want to know that you care about and appreciate the time and money they’ve given to your business throughout the year. Remember that your customers have probably written reviews for your business, recommended your services to friends, and possibly have even chosen you over cheaper options because they want to support you. Show them you are aware of this loyalty, and give back by offering holiday gift wrapping that will remind them why they choose to work with you and not someone else. Earn their loyalty for another year.

Reason #4—You Can Show Your Awareness

Offering free gift wrap means you’re in touch with the expectations of your customers — and that you’re able to deliver. A recent survey done by Scotch Brand tapes discovered that 27% of holiday shoppers wait to wrap gifts until 1-2 days before they give them.

Meet your clients’ needs this holiday season, show you realize that they don’t always have time to wrap presents with their busy holiday schedules, and let them know you’re willing to make their lives easier for the day. By proving you listen to customer feedback and that you can anticipate your needs, clients tend to remember your dedication in the future.

Reason #5—People Buy Local For A Reason

Remember that your clients come to you because they want personalized and individual touches and attention. There’s a reason why they don’t deal with big chains — because they don’t want to be left in the dust or taken for granted. Show you’re able to give that kind of personalized attention they seek by adding unique and memorable touches to your wrapping and packaging: think extra bows, custom ornaments tied onto wrappings, and even personalized cards. Besides, a beautifully wrapped gift says a lot about the quality of the present inside. How you present your goods — or how a customer presents them to someone else — really matters!

Reason #6—Because It’s the Holidays!

The final explanation is the simplest one — don’t be afraid to show your customers you can have fun, and that you enjoy getting swept up in the holiday spirit! The season comes but once a year, so go ahead and show your personality by offering gift wrap that sets you apart from the shop next door. Remember, ‘Tis The Season!