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The holiday season is the bread and butter for many small businesses. While they often come with the financial benefits of extra orders and an influx of new customers, holidays can also be a perfect opportunity to show your customers just how much you appreciate their business. To generate customer loyalty, rise above your competitors, and create brand recognition, consider offering complimentary gift wrapping this holiday season. Offering gift wrapping makes sense for several reasons, which we list below.

Top three reasons you should offer complimentary holiday gift wrapping.

#1. You Will Show You Care

christmas_gift_wrapping.jpgA successful business is one that makes a difference, no matter how small, in the lives of its customers. By offering free gift wrapping, you’re saving your customers time and showing your appreciation — it’s a great way to say thank you to your most loyal customers. Besides, keep in mind that the time you spend wrapping can be valuable to your business as well. Wrapping gifts after the purchase means more time your customer spends in your store, making them more likely to pick up a few additional purchases. You can also pick their brains about what they’d like to see improved and what they’re looking for. Consider it a free focus group that also benefits your customers. Knowing them better means you understand their needs better. You can be certain your customers will remember you next year.

#2. You Can Stand Out

Having customized gift wrapping not only says a lot about the quality of the gifts inside the wrapping paper, it also sets you apart from your competition. Think about it: does a huge chain really have the time to individually wrap each and every holiday order? Or are they just running off brown paper bags with a single red holiday bow? Better customer service is one of the main reasons why people shop local instead of the big brands — so make sure you’re always using every opportunity to remind customers of how you’re better. When you offer gift wrapping as part of your customer service, it’s much more likely your customers will choose you over a big name any time of the year.

Choosing to offer free gift wrapping can also help to boost your brand recognition. Not only will you subtly let the person receiving the gift know where they can find more like it, but you can create the perfect packaging option for your company. We offer a variety of different options and prints to fit the needs of your business.

Still not convinced you’ll have time to hand-wrap each gift? We get it! Consider a festive bag with your logo printed somewhere on it — because everyone re-uses gift bags during the holiday season, so you know there will be new sets of eyes on your brand!

#3. It’s OK to Limit the Offering

We realize that offering these services for free can give smaller businesses concerns about the cost. If you’re still weighing your business’ ability to make a profit with the addition of free gift wrap, why not offer it on a trial basis? Advertise with a banner out front or in the local newspaper that you’ll be offering free gift wrap for the week before Christmas — and see if it boosts sales. More likely than not, it will, especially for those last minute shoppers who are looking to save time. If it works well, consider offering it for other holidays throughout the year.

This holiday season, offer complimentary gift packaging to garner customer loyalty and let your customers know you care about their needs. The personal touch will show in your profits, keeping you in business for the next holiday season.