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Shredded paper is shredding the competition when it comes to providing an affordable, sustainable packing material. Jubilant and whimsical, crinkle cut shred paper is designed to make recipients smile. However, this packaging filler is no joke when it comes to creating a very dependable, cost-effective way to protect items during transport. Take a look at what there is to know about the benefits of crinkle shred paper.

A Top Pick for Environmentally Responsible Packing

Made from post-consumer recycled materials, crinkle shred paper makes it easy to insulate a product without causing the environmental harm that is associated with other fillers like bubble wrap or Styrofoam. In fact, crinkle paper seems like a gift within a gift when people open up boxes to see that what they’re about to enjoy is part of a sustainable product cycle. Crinkle paper also has the benefit of being biodegradable. It is a chlorine-free, bleach-free option that everyone can feel good about.

Creating an Amazing Unboxing Experience With Crinkle Paper

Crinkle paper makes amazing filler for gift boxes and bags. First, its very lightweight nature means that it’s a great pick when shipping products. Secondly, its very pliable, easy-to-arrange design makes it easy to use with any size, shape or style of box. Here are some common uses for crinkle paper:

  • Large gift boxes.
  • Small gift boxes.
  • Gift baskets.
  • Subscription boxes.

Crinkle paper also earns point for being very universal. The same crinkle shred that works in a smaller jewelry box can be used in a large box. You’re able to customize the level of padding needed simply by increasing the volume of shred being used. There is never any need to cut, reshape or resize crinkle shred because each shred is independent of the rest of the padding. When using crinkle shed mostly for decoration, it can be used very sparingly to simply add some “fun” to a box. When using it for cushioning, it can be packed densely to create a protective layer around an object. The fact that the amount of shred used can be customized on the spot based on what is being packed up provides a huge money-saving benefit. It is never necessary to use any more shred than is desired!

While very adjustable and “free floating” when placed within a package, crinkle shred does an amazing job of padding breakable items. In addition, it can simply be used to keep more durable items from shifting to ruin presentation. While crinkle paper isn’t intended to be used to wrap foods, it can make nice bedding when shipping citrus fruits that are encased in natural rinds. It also works wonderfully for food products that are encased in food-safe wrappings and containers. If you’re shipping products, crinkle shred can be part of a strategy to drastically reduce shipping costs due to its air-like quality. This option also eliminates the need to produce custom-shaped packing filler if you use unconventionally shaped boxes when shipping products. Unlike dividers or sheets of bubble wrap that are solid designs, crinkle cut shred “moves like water” to simply fill in all of the gaps within your boxes.

Yes, Customers Can Actually Reuse Crinkle Paper

For some customers, receiving a package that contains crinkle paper can feel like winning the lottery. Crinkle paper is commonly used in households for a wide variety of “unconventional” purposes. Here’s a look at how people use crinkle paper every single day:

  • Bedding for small animals like bunnies, ferrets and guinea pigs.
  • Crafting supplies.
  • Sensory objects for children.
  • Filler for Easter baskets.
  • Mulching and composting.

When crinkle paper is sourced from a manufacturer that uses nontoxic materials during production, the possibilities are endless! While crinkle paper is often recyclable by default, this material is such an in-demand commodity among people in everyday life that it is often simply “upcycled” within the home instead of being sent to a recycling facility. However, it’s a better option than most alternatives even if customers don’t keep it.

A Satisfying Texture

One of the features giving crinkle shred paper a true advantage over other options is its satisfying texture. With an option like bubble wrap, you’re looking at a clear, murky design that does very little to enhance the look of a product. In fact, bubble wrap creates something of an anticlimactic unboxing experience due to the fact that it actually obscures the shape, color and appearance of an item at first glance. It takes work to unfurl the product from the bubble wrap. The same is true when items are wrapped in Styrofoam. Many times, very awkward wrapping techniques that distort the shape of the product are employed when Styrofoam is used to wrap a product.

While fillers like packing peanuts offer the same experience as crinkle shred paper in terms of “reaching into a pool of loose packaging materials” to remove a product, the satisfaction level simply isn’t there. Packing peanuts are notoriously messy. They also create an instant impression of “package waste” that can leave customers with a sour taste. It is widely known among marketers that consumers value brands and products that have eco-friendly qualities. In fact, research shows that customers are willing to spend more on products that they perceive to be eco-friendly products. They are also loyal to brands that practice eco-friendly and sustainable production. What kind of messaging is a brand sending with bulky, excessive and obvious interior packaging materials? It’s a very different message than the one they’re sending when they choose to use something understated and sustainable like crinkle shred paper.

The Endless Color Possibilities of Crinkle Shred Paper

While the texture of crinkle shred paper wins over fans pretty quickly, the endless color possibilities of crinkle paper bring things to the next level! Crinkle shred paper is available in both solid and patterned options. Here’s a glance at the rainbow of options available when sourcing shred filler:

  • Black
  • Burgundy
  • Canary yellow
  • Chocolate
  • Forest green
  • French vanilla
  • Fuchsia
  • Goldenrod
  • Gray
  • Green
  • Green tea
  • Ivory
  • Kraft (natural)
  • Lavender
  • Light blue
  • Light pink
  • Lime
  • Mint green
  • Navy blue
  • Olive green
  • Orange
  • Orchid
  • Plum
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Royal blue
  • Sky blue
  • Teal
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Black/gold
  • Black/silver
  • Red/gold
  • Red/silver
  • White/gold
  • White/opal
  • White/silver
  • Camouflage mix
  • Candy can mix
  • Christmas mix
  • Fiesta mix

All of these colors create virtually limitless possibilities in terms of designing custom packaging. For brands, there is the option to use solid colors or color blends to match crinkle shred packing materials to brand colors. There is also the fun of using seasonal blends to be festive when shipping near the holidays. Of course, one of the most important color options on the list is kraft. Styled to resemble the kraft paper that is widely used for eco-friendly packaging, this “colorless” option conveys a wholesome, eco-friendly message that creates an ultra-natural vibe during the unboxing experience. Kraft crinkle shred paper is a top option if the goal is to use “raw” packing materials.

Ordering Crinkle Shred Paper in Bulk

One of the ways to increase savings when sourcing recyclable, eco-friendly packing materials is to place bulk orders. If you utilize large amounts of packing materials, this saves time, money and shipping hassles. It also ensures that your packing station will always be equipped with enough crinkle packing to fulfill orders. At Mid-Atlantic Packaging, we offer three varieties of crinkle cut shred filler to choose from! Our crinkle cut shred solids, crinkle cut Mylar blend shreds and crinkle cut shred mixes are made from premium, durable and lightweight materials that bring added value to whatever type of gift or product you’re presenting to the world! These crinkle cut shred designs come available in 10-pound or 40-pound boxes. When ordering, customers can choose from dozens of solid and patterned colors!

With 37 years in the branded and stock packaging industry to our name, Mid-Atlantic Packaging is committed to bringing our customers the best packaging materials at the best prices. We are a family business with a team of employees who have been with us for decades. In addition to providing packaging solutions to customers in all 50 states, we also serve clients throughout Europe, Canada and the Caribbean.

If you’re sourcing crinkle cut shred for a bulk order, look no further than our premium crinkle designs! We offer recyclable, attractive crinkle shred that serves as a cost-effective alternative to bulky, highly processed packing materials. Place your crinkle shred order with us today!