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Starting a business is overwhelming. So many details need to be addressed, and from your supply chain to your website, it all seems critically important.

It is absolutely true that your marketing strategy and the functionality of your products are paramount to the success of your new venture. However, it’s vital that the packaging for your products does not get lost in the shuffle.

Too many entrepreneurs leave packaging behind as an afterthought. When they finally get around to contacting us, they are ready to launch their product. Then, they realize just how complicated packaging actually is.

Whether you are launching a new product or are seeking a new and innovative way to package an existing product, ask Mid-Atlantic Packaging for help. We offer cutting-edge solutions to large and small brands. Whether you need a run of thousands of corrugated boxes or a small order of customized paper bags, ask Mid-Atlantic Packaging for everything you need. With our expertise, knowledge, and industry know-how, we are well-equipped to answer all of your packaging questions.

The packaging for your products deserves your full attention. It may be tempting to consider just going with plain cardboard boxes or paper bags, but there are several good reasons why you might want to upscale your packaging.

In fact, you will probably be surprised and delighted to discover that designing custom packaging for your products is easier and more accessible than you might think, especially when you work with the designers at Mid-Atlantic Packaging!

Why Branded Packaging Matters

As a new brand, you cannot afford to pass up opportunities to influence brand perceptions. Think about how you want the public to view your brand. Perhaps your company has a focus on:

  • Environmental responsibility
  • Using sustainable materials
  • Making people’s lives better
  • Providing an innovative solution to a common problem
  • Offering excellent value at an accessible price point
  • Selling exclusive, high-end products that everyone covets

Whatever your company’s focus may be, you want to highlight it every chance you get. One of the best opportunities you’ll have for this is branded packaging.

Remember that the consumer will interact with your packaging before having an opportunity to handle, see, taste, or smell whatever your product may be. Accordingly, this is a crucial touchpoint that can establish a connection with individual customers, making them more likely to choose your brand in the future.

Make Certain Your Products Are Different

You already know that you have a great product to offer. Years were spent in its development, and you genuinely believe that it can improve lives, solve problems, fill hungry tummies or just fill a few hours with joy.

However, chances are good that you are entering a marketplace that may already be quite crowded. You’ve taken pains to ensure that your products are not like anybody else’s. Now it’s time to make certain that your packaging is just as original.

This is especially critical for online entrepreneurs who do not have an opportunity to interact with customers in brick-and-mortar locations. Experts predict that approximately 21.8 percent of all sales will be made in the online space by 2024. This means that your unique packaging is a golden opportunity to connect with customers who may be on the other side of the world.

Branded packaging is another strategy that you can easily use to your company’s advantage because it makes your products look and feel different from anyone else’s.

When a company chooses to use bland, boring, stock packaging, then they run the risk of being too much like a competitor. Consumers might think that the brand has no personality or identity, and this could cause them to turn to another brand that seems to have more style.

Ultimately, you want to wow your customer to turn a one-time purchase into a customer for life. Branded packaging is one thing that can help you achieve this.

Reinforce Your Brand’s Identity with Custom Packaging

As part of a new company, you are working hard to establish an identity for your brand. Is your company fun, innovative, and on the cutting-edge of technology? Or, maybe it’s important to establish your knowledge and expertise in a certain field.

Whatever you determine that your brand’s identity is, it is crucial that you stick to it. It needs to be consistent across social media and your website. Spend some serious time considering your brand’s mission and values. How can these elements be reflected in packaging for your products?

The easiest answer for branded packaging is to add a logo and to stick to your company’s colors. However, you can take it much further. Here are some ideas for branded packaging that are winners every time:

  • Branded ribbon
  • A logo stamp
  • Personalized tissue paper
  • Unique stickers
  • Business cards
  • Original printed art
  • Postcards
  • Handwritten notes

Whether you choose one or several of these ideas, Mid-Atlantic Packaging is ready to help. Even if your budget is tight, we can assist you to come up with custom packaging solutions that express your brand’s identity and tell the story of your company.

Branded Packaging Boosts Online Marketing Strategy

Do you remember how excited you were to open presents when you were a kid? Few things can equal the excitement of opening a brightly wrapped package that’s been prepared especially for you.

When companies take the time to design branded packaging, then they are giving their customers a rich and valuable experience that may hearken back to some of their happiest childhood memories.

In fact, the unboxing experience is an Internet phenomenon of long-standing. Consumers across the globe film themselves opening the packaging on a long-anticipated product, and millions of others are tuning in to watch.

How great would it be if a happy customer made an unboxing video of their purchase from you? How much of a boost in recognition would your brand receive if millions of people flocked to YouTube to watch a video in which your product was the star?

The better your branded delivery packaging is, the more likely it is to generate user content that drives publicity and recognition. Those are two things that brands always need more of, and branded packaging can help you achieve it.

Plus, if someone does make an unboxing video using your product, then you can mention it in your brand channels. This is a free yet valuable marketing tool that can seriously grow your audience.

Even if no one films a video, they are still more likely to post an image to social media if a product arrives in branded packaging.

Don’t miss out on this chance to really get the word out about your great products!

Enhance the Customer’s Experience

With every interaction between you and your customer, it is vital that you add value. Consumers can be pretty demanding when it comes to deciding what they decide is “good” customer service. Ideally, you want the public to think that you offer “excellent” customer service, and branded packaging can help you reach this goal.

The more consideration you put into branded packaging, the more layers you are adding to the customer’s experience. With each thoughtful touch, the customer’s anticipation and excitement build. Additionally, each facet of your branded packaging leads consumers to believe that they have received value far over and above the price that they paid.

A few years ago, luxury brands really cornered the market on branded packaging. In fact, the many accessories and small, thoughtful touches that were included in packaging from an upscale brand just made the product and the company seem more elegant and exclusive.

Today, technology has improved so far that it is easy even for new brands on tight budgets to design packaging that looks like it comes from an exclusive luxury brand.

Build Your Brand with Mid-Atlantic Packaging

It’s never too early to think about packaging for your new brand. Of course, you want the packaging to be functional so that your products always arrive intact at their destination. However, we’ve demonstrated that improving the customer’s experience through branded packaging is just as critical.

If you aren’t certain where to start, just give us a call. We have packaging design experts on our team who can provide creative ideas and help you explore all of the possibilities. Whether you’re looking for bags, boxes, stickers, ribbons, tissue paper, or more, Mid-Atlantic Packaging is your partner and resource. With our experience, you’ll be able to tell your brand’s story with ease.