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Maybe you’ve already heard something about the latest trend toward minimalism. You see it everywhere, including interior design blogs and articles about living a simpler, more fulfilling life.

What is minimalism? Most people who follow this philosophy believe that it’s all about stripping away the extraneous so that you are left with the genuinely important essentials. Actually, that is a pretty good description of the trend toward minimalist packaging. It involves doing away with fussy extras so that what remains is clean, simple, and essential.

It’s a calming aesthetic that many people appreciate in this rushed and busy era. While some brands are all about the colorful packaging that’s packed with text and graphics, a different approach makes sense to other companies.

Does minimalistic packaging make sense for your brand? What does it really mean for packaging to be “minimalist?” Keep reading to learn more, then call Mid-Atlantic Packaging when you’re ready. Whether you want packaging that features all of the bells and whistles or something that’s been simplified to highlight what really matters, we can help you design the perfect packaging to reflect your brand’s personality and identity.

Highlighting Minimalist Packaging

In recent decades, many brands have tried to outdo each other with louder, more colorful, highly noticeable packaging. The result has been some beautiful and innovative designs that help draw attention to new products that need to gain a competitive edge.

However, there has been a bit of a backlash against this louder and more colorful approach in recent years. Elegant and simple, minimalist packaging is a growing trend. Its aesthetic is chic, and many brands and consumers see this approach as being a more environmentally friendly one.

Why Some Brands Opt for Minimalist Packaging

The marketing and advertising industry is a pretty intense one. Every brand is shouting for recognition, using brighter colors, bolder text, and bigger fonts in an effort to draw the eyes of every consumer. This approach can be successful at gaining the attention of consumers, but the personality and values of some brands just are not well-suited to such overt tactics.

Advertisements are everywhere these days. From traditional mediums like television and radio to newer arenas like the Internet and social media platforms, it is impossible to escape the utter saturation of commercials.

Most brands are on this bandwagon. In fact, they probably have to be if they hope to compete in today’s marketplace.

Nonetheless, some brands are beginning to rebel. They are moving away from overly complicated packaging. With their almost stark simplicity, these brands stand out on the shelf simply because their packaging is not as fussy and overdone. A plain white or brown box with a simple line of gold-stamped text draws the eye just because it is so different from everything else that is being offered.

Get the Attention of Millennials

One segment of the market, millennials, is particularly drawn to the minimalist aesthetic. In general, millennials look for brands that are:

  • Plain-spoken
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Eco-conscious
  • Simple.

Capturing the attention of millennial consumers is critical, but it looks as though other generations also are drawn to the clean and simple lines of minimalist packaging.

Packaging industry experts suggest that the movement toward minimalist packaging is based on three facets. These are a focus on clean and healthy living, SKU proliferation, and the need for bands to find a way to break through the constant noise of the competition.

Focusing on clean and healthy living is a priority for many consumers in the 21st century. When companies utilize minimalist packaging, then consumers have a sense that the brand is being honest and transparent. Remember that because of the Internet, this is the age of information. It’s really easy for the public to look up facts about your brand and its products. To boost customer loyalty, be honest and transparent with them. Using minimalist packaging is one way that you can accomplish this.

Similarly, SKU proliferation is a driving force behind the movement toward minimalist packaging. All brands are competing for limited space on store shelves, especially since private label and retailer own-label products are proliferating. Just a few decades ago, most store shelves featured a few select national brands. A generic brand also might be presented for the budget-conscious shopper.

Today, the landscape is much different. There are far more SKUs than ever before, with national brands competing for shelf space with private label and retailer products. When packaging is clean and minimal, it will inevitably attract customers’ eyes.

The third driving force behind minimalistic packaging is the need for brands to break through the combined noise of the competition. For decades, packaging has been loud and overtly attention-getting. Mascots, gimmicks, offers, and logos may have reached their saturation point, leaving designers with few options but to start pulling back.

Moving toward minimalist packaging may be exactly what your brand needs to differentiate itself from the competition. Call Mid-Atlantic Packaging to learn more about why minimalist packaging may be the right way to go. Our design experts can help you create packaging that is simple and anything but boring.

The Hallmarks of Minimalist Packaging

How can you tell minimalist packaging from the rest? Usually, you’ll find that it has:

  • Clean, straightforward lines
  • Little text
  • Few or minimal graphics
  • Muted colors
  • A restful, elegant look

When you opt for minimalist packaging, you won’t be making any overblown statements about your product. Above all, you want this style of packaging to make your product appear authentic and trustworthy. It doesn’t need a lot of bright colors and fanfare because the quality of the product speaks for itself.

Minimalist Packaging: An Environmental Perspective

Modern consumers are more concerned than ever before about the environment. They like to do things and buy products that they believe are good for the world around them. Buying from brands that are perceived to be “green” is preferred by a huge number of consumers.

Accordingly, you may be able to attract a whole new audience to your brand by opting for minimalist packaging. While minimalist packaging does focus on a particular visual aesthetic, it also can be more environmentally friendly than more traditional options.

For instance, many brands that choose a minimalist approach with their packaging do everything they can to eliminate as much packaging as they can. This may mean eliminating tissue paper and ribbons or choosing accessories that are readily recyclable.

In fact, one of the main advantages of choosing minimalist packaging is that it generally is made from very straightforward materials like paper, Kraft board, and corrugated cardboard. These can be reused several times and then recycled when the time is right.

When consumers reuse your minimalist packaging, then they are helping to advertise your brand. Plus, you can rest assured that your packaging is extremely likely to get recycled at the end of its life rather than ending up in a landfill.

From an environmental perspective, minimalist packaging is a win-win. Ask Mid-Atlantic Packaging today to help your brand design minimalist packaging that is incredibly friendly toward the environment.

Create Your Own Minimalist Packaging

Any brand can make their packaging more minimalistic fairly easily. Maybe your company is ready to make a change, but you don’t want it to be too drastic. Mid-Atlantic Packaging can take a look at your current design and make suggestions for how to make it cleaner and simpler. This may mean reducing the number of colors used, choosing a single font rather than several, and keeping graphics to a minimum.

Alternatively, your brand may want to go the completely clean and simple route. White boxes stamped with black ink and perhaps a small company logo are all that’s necessary. When you choose upscale materials, you don’t have to worry about your packaging looking too plain or boring. Typically, customers consider this type of packaging elegant, feeling that they are choosing an exclusive product that isn’t available to everyone.

Get More By Doing Less

These days, brands do not necessarily have to put the loudest, most colorful packaging on the shelf to get consumers’ attention. In fact, there might be decided benefits to going the opposite route. Look around at the packaging that is being used by brands that compete with yours. Is it bright, bold, and colorful? If so, then your company may be well-served by taking the path less traveled.

Call or click if you are ready to discuss your brand’s foray into minimalist packaging. Visit our custom packaging page to get a quote.