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If you really want to make your products stand out from the competition, then consider packaging them in gable boxes.

No matter their color or design, gable boxes always look expensive, elegant and upscale. Customers love to open them because each one looks like a perfect gift. Packaging your products in gable boxes is a wonderful way to ensure that they always look special, and your customers will feel special when they receive them.

If you’re not familiar with gable boxes, then it’s time for an introduction. With countless options for customization available, gable boxes are a great way to get the word out about your brand and give your packaging a unique and distinctive look.

What Is a Gable Box?

Gable boxes are used for a wide variety of purposes. You may see mini versions of this packaging used for wedding favors. Larger versions may hold cosmetics or just about any product that you can imagine. Among the most famous uses of gable boxes are the McDonald’s Happy Meal box and the Dunkin’ Donuts box.

Essentially, a gable box has a square or rectangular bottom and a triangular-shaped top that includes a carrying handle. The two ends of the box fold upward to secure the handle in two slits. These boxes get their name from their shape, which mimics the shape of a building that is encased by a pitched roof on two sides.

Why Choose a Gable Box?

Companies have selected gable boxes from many options for numerous reasons. Some of these may be:

  • They are lightweight
  • They are inexpensive
  • Most of them are made from biodegradable material
  • They can be highly customized

Although gable boxes are ideal for storing food, don’t let that limit you. A gable box can be a wonderful way to highlight almost any product. Plus, it’s really easy to dress it up with a ribbon, some paper shred or tissue. You can even toss in small promotional items like key chains, note pads, pens and flash drives.

Gable boxes look great and are easy to use. Many customers even end up using them again before the gable box ultimately is recycled.

Customization Options for Gable Boxes

What can you do with versatile gable boxes? Pretty much anything you can imagine.

Some gable boxes are quite plain. Perhaps they are made out of kraft paper or simple white paperboard. Though plain, such gable boxes are undoubtedly elegant. Customize them with a personalized stamp that features your company’s name, logo and slogan, and that box is ready to go to the customer. Many brands and consumers prefer this clean, minimalist approach. Would it appeal to your customer base?

Of course, you also can take the design of gable boxes to the other extreme. How about a gable box that has scrollwork cutouts or filigree? Why not experiment with unconventional finishes or adding a scalloped edge to the handle? A flashy ribbon communicates that your brand and its products are something to be coveted. You might even consider having your gable boxes constructed out of a heavy, more luxurious material so that the customer will want to use it again and again.

You have a world of options at your fingertips when you choose to package your products in gable boxes. These versatile packages may be precisely what you need to get noticed in a sea of competitors.

Play with Color

Does your brand have a signature color, pair of colors or colorful patterned design? If so, then ask the design professionals at Mid-Atlantic Packaging about the options for adding those colors to your gable boxes. Imagine splashing gable boxes in your brand’s sumptuous signature color. Or, perhaps you’d like to experiment with bold, avant-garde flourishes and designs that take advantage of a spectrum of hues.

Choose the perfect background color and then place your company’s logo prominently in a contrasting shade. Alternatively, you might consider blowing up your brand’s name or logo to wrap it around the entire gable box.

Color communicates a lot about a brand, its products and its customers. When it comes to using gable boxes for packaging, take a chance by experimenting with color.

Add a Window

Who can resist a tempting glimpse of a perfect bakery treat? When you add a clear window to your gable boxes, then it is possible for people to peek at what’s inside without even opening up the box.

Companies frequently choose to add a window to gable boxes because it gives a sleek and sophisticated look. Remember that windows don’t have to be square or rectangular. Absolutely any shape is possible, so feel free to be as creative as you wish. Unique die-cut patterns can really take your gable box packaging up a notch and effectively communicate your brand’s identity to the world.

Are you interested in adding a window to your gable boxes? If so, then contact Mid-Atlantic Packaging today. You’ll quickly discover that you have plenty of options for offering your customers a sneak peak of coming attractions.

Say It With Silver … or Gold

Do you have a really special product that you want to highlight? Are you considering some kind of promotional giveaway to use at a convention or for the holidays?

Whenever you want your gable boxes to make a special impact, opt for silver or gold foil. All of the options are elegant and eye-catching. Consider the possibilities:

  • A matte gold background with gold foil lettering
  • A gold foil background with silver foil lettering
  • A stunning white background with either gold or silver foil lettering
  • A matte silver background with silver foil lettering

Finish each box with a luxurious silver or gold bow on top. You might even add a small gold or silver charm to the bow to make the whole package unforgettable.

While designing your silver and gold gable boxes, don’t forget to include your company’s name, logo, website and contact information. Ask Mid-Atlantic Packaging today to learn more about using gold foil or silver foil on gable boxes. By using cutting-edge printing technology, foil lettering looks more sophisticated than ever before.

Add an Insert

Some gable boxes have just a simple opening inside. Others have dividers or other inserts. A divider handily breaks up the interior of the box into two or more compartments. For instance, place two inserts crosswise in a gable box, and you have the perfect display for four luscious cupcakes.

Alternatively, a square insert can be used to protect the contents. Again using the example of the cupcake, imagine that you want to put one oversized cupcake into a gable box, but you want to make certain that it won’t topple over during transit. The best way to do this is with an insert into which the cupcake can be placed so that it can’t move.

Whenever you have delicate products that need to be protected, separated or preserved, consider using dividers or an insert to get the job done.

Fill Your Gable Boxes

When you want to protect a small or delicate item that is being packaged in a gable box, you have several options from which to choose. Paper shreds are an attractive and colorful choice, but you alternatively might slip in a few sheets of tissue paper. Some companies decide to package their products in a clear cellophane bag before placing them in the gable boxes. The options are varied, and you are only limited by your imagination.

Choose an Eco-Friendly Approach to Packaging

Did we mention that most gable boxes are made out of biodegradable material? That’s right! The vast majority of these boxes can be readily recycled, making them an especially popular choice with brands and consumers who are eco-conscious. If you want to ensure that your company is using packaging that has a limited carbon footprint and can be recycled pretty much anywhere across the globe, then gable boxes are definitely the way to go.

Ask Mid-Atlantic Packaging for More Information

Call Mid-Atlantic Packaging at (800) 284-1332 today to learn more about the customization options that are available with gable boxes. Although this type of packaging is most frequently associated with food products, we are seeing gable boxes appearing in many other industries.

With so many options as far as size, color and personalization, it’s no wonder that so many brands are exploring the possibilities that gable boxes afford. Plus, these boxes are inexpensive, look fantastic and are easy to recycle, making them a win-win at every stage of the game.