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With Christmas just around the corner, finding the perfect stocking stuffers, presents, and all things festive is a stressful undertaking. If you’re planning or attending a holiday party, a nice way to show gratitude and festive cheer is with some fun and useful goody bags. For some creative goody bag ideas, look no further—we’ve got a list rounded up on some stuffers for both kids and adults.

For the children, it’s a good idea to give the goody bags at the beginning of the party. This way they can play with the items for the party’s duration. You can even throw in some fun party game necessities and explain to them later what they’re for!

Creative Goody Bag Ideas for Kids

  • Toy Money

Have the kids participate in a Secret Santa activity by providing them a goody bag filled with fake money to “buy” gifts with. Each kid picks a name and chooses one item from a selection of small toys. Afterward, everyone swaps gifts.

  • Christmas Bells

Place a bell in a goody bag and give them out as a parting gift for kids. The sweet tinkle of Christmas bells is a wonderful way to impart the Christmas spirit to the little ones. Remind them that if they can hear the jingle, then they are fully in the Christmas spirit—like the Polar Express says.

You’ll enjoy seeing all the kids running around in their little antlers, and so will they. Stick with the reindeer theme and fill goody bags with ingredients needed to make reindeer food. The children can put the food out with Santa’s cookies and milk on Christmas Eve.

  • Santa Letter Maker

A nice way to slow down the night is to have the kids write a letter, whether it be to Santa, parents, or friends. The letter can be about anything; let their creativity soar! All you need to put in the goody bag is a cute holiday pen or pencil and some paper.

When it comes to adults, you can use goody bags to give easy, simple, and practical gifts. Show your guests that you really know them and make the items more individualized depending on their tastes.

Enjoyable and Useful Goody Bag Ideas for Adults

  • Custom-Mixed Tea

Fill a goody bag with little sachets to put loose leaf tea in, or little glass containers for recipients to filter out the tea themselves. Grab some spices, herbs, flowers, blossoms, and fruit of your choice and get to work! Make sure you don’t overload your cup with spices—start simple. Some good mixes are peppermint, lavender, chamomile, and so much more!

  • Emergency Candy Stash

Candy isn’t just for kids! Sometimes the adults need more of the candy pick-up than the little ones. Grab your guests’ favorite candies, tie some ribbon around them, and place them in a goody bag for a fun little gift.

  • Mini Evergreen Trees

Let your guests leave with a nice bit of green that they can plant when they get home. It’s an awesome way to see how friendships grow as the tree does! Put the tiny seedlings into a nice little bucket, attach a ribbon, and you’re ready to go!

  • Pillow Spray

They’re super simple to make—you just need some water and essential oils in a little spray bottle. Think about what scents make you think of your guests, and they’ll be very appreciative.

Those are our fun and useful goody bag ideas! Remember that as long as it comes from the heart, that’s what counts.