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Top 4 Ways For a Boutique to Turn Ordinary Christmas Gift Wrap Into OMG!.png

This holiday season, make your packaging work for your business and bring a little more sparkle to your customers! Take advantage of the occasion and spruce up your gift wrapping for the holidays. Here are four of our favorite holiday packaging tips and tricks:

4 Extraordinary Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

#1. Elemental Ornamentation

festive wrapping paper.jpgAdding a single, simple accent ornamentation to festive wrapping paper can really help your packages stand out. Depending on your business, choose an item that reflects what you sell. For example, if you’re a bakery, tie a dollhouse-sized spoon (even a colorful plastic gelato spoon will work) to your package. If you sell clothes, put some of those extra buttons to use and make them a part of your gift wrap! Run a gardening supply? Why not tie a tiny bunch of lavender, rosemary, or Christmas tree sprigs on your bags? A candy cane ties to the package screams Happy Holidays! The possibilities are endless, and your customers will definitely remember your extra touch!

#2. Decorations Galore

If you really want your business to stick in the minds of your customers, order some custom ornaments with your name printed on them and tie them onto your wrapped packages. It’s the holiday equivalent of the fridge magnet — your name will stick in their heads, and that subtle reminder will extend to the receiver of the gift. Make your mark on your clients, and show them you care by offering the ornament as a fun freebie. Start a tradition…it’s especially fun to feature a different ornament or decoration each year, so your customers can look forward to collecting them as the years go by.

#3. Tie It On

red and white twine.jpgOversized bows in gold, red, silver, and green are synonymous with the holiday season — but why not be one of the few businesses willing to go the extra mile for your customers? While traditional holiday bows are a great way to add the finishing touches to your wrapping, consider replacing more predictable bows with a new take on the classic: use a festive feather, a piece of origami, a giant flower (fake or real!), or even two different colors woven together. If your business has a simpler or more artisanal aesthetic, go for classic twine wound several times around your packaging. You can pick twine in a variety of colors, but to really embrace the holiday season, try red and white striped twine, reminiscent of a peppermint candy.

#4. Stamp It!

There’s nothing more fun than getting a gift that’s been wrapped to impress. Order a stamp with your name or logo on it, and stamp across the tape folds of the packaging. This will make it look like it arrived straight from the North Pole, and you can opt to have designs woven into the stamp as well. Even better? Order a batch of individually stamped “To” and “From” Cards with your business’ name subtly running across the bottom. That way, your customers can fill the cards out with a personalized message, and you’ve made their lives easier by including a customizable card with their gift wrap!

Let this year be the holiday season where you show your clients just how much they mean to you. Have a little fun by working some whimsy into your packages this Christmas!