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10 creative packaging ideas for christmas.png

Think outside the box (pun intended) with these festive ideas for holiday gift wrapping. Your customers will appreciate the time and detail you put into creating a package that is as lovely as the gift itself! Check out our top 10 favorite ideas below:

1. Tag, You’re It!

Buy a box of customized tags with your company’s name running across the bottom. Be sure to add a pop of color and maybe a holiday-themed line like, “Do Not Open Until December 25th!”

2. Use Your Garden.

creative christmas packaging ideas - garland.jpgNo matter your business, everyone appreciates flowers and greenery! Deliver a bouquet on the micro-scale by tying a sprig of a Christmas tree, lavender, holly, rosemary, or — why not? — even mistletoe onto the ribbons of your packages. Your gifts will smell as good as they look!

3. Bows.

It’s no secret that every Christmas package should come tied with an enormous bow. Go for more traditional christmas assorted bow colors like red, green, silver, or gold, or get extra intricate and combine a few of those shades together. Remember — the more, the merrier.

4. It’s All In the Details.

If you’re looking for an alternative to topping off your packages, think about smaller items you could use to decorate. Clothing store? Replace bows with a button. Bookstore? Wind a tiny pair of glasses out of wire and tape them to the top of your gift boxes. The possibilities are endless.

5. Go Green.

Show customers you’re conscious of the environment by picking up gift bags made from recycled materials. Not only are they often less expensive than the traditional holiday printed gift bags, but they’re also customizable. Stamp, draw, or write on them however you’d like. This works especially well for businesses focused on ethical trading and sourcing.

6. Wrap Star.

christmas wrapping paper.jpgTake advantage of themes of the holidays by selecting an array of Christmas wrapping papers that your customers can choose from. Whether it’s Santa himself, poinsettia prints, or a bag featuring those eight tiny reindeer, pick up a selection of fun holiday wrapping papers. Don’t forget bows to match.

7. Sweet Inspiration.

Red and white stripes rule the Christmas scene! Incorporate the peppermint theme in a variety of ways: whether you’re using striped wrapping paper, tying a candy cane to the center of your packages, using red and white bows, or simply tossing a few peppermint candies into your gift bags, there are lots of ways to have fun with sweets this holiday season!

8. Ornaments.

There’s no better way to help your customers remember your name than to have it on their gifts! Why not buy a few boxes of small, custom ornaments and tie one to your packages? Switch up the kind and color of ornament you gift them with every year to start a holiday tradition and trend. They will look forward to collecting them in years to come!

9. Origami.

Are you a folding expert? Do you know someone who is? No matter your level, the Japanese art of paper folding is an elegant and inexpensive way to add something extra-special, and incredibly beautiful, to your packaging. You don’t have to learn to fold a paper crane to make it count — there are plenty of tutorials online that can teach you to make simpler designs (even Santas!) that can serve as either cards or decor on your packages this season.

bags_white_shoppers.jpg10. Stamp On It.

Looking to get the most bang for your buck in terms of holiday wrapping this season? One of the easiest, and most economical, ways to do that is to invest in four or five different, holiday-themed stamps this season. Think Santa, a wrapped present, a snowman, a snowflake, or a Christmas tree. Then, pick up some plain tissue paper or some plain or light colored gift bags, and start stamping. Create fun and unique designs to decorate your bags with (doing so can also be a great team-building activity for your staff). For an extra personalized touch, seal the bag or place the ribbon or bow on the package with a sticker that has your company’s name or logo on it.

This year, give your customers gift wrapping that shows: We care. We’re different. We love our customers. It’s not hard to stand out with your gift wrapping!