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You made it! You survived the holiday season of December! Go ahead, take a moment and pat yourself on the back, but then buckle your belt, because you have about enough time to take one solid deep breath before you have to board the train to the next big shopping rush. After all, Engagement Season is really only about half over.

Ahhh, Valentine’s Day.

Across the nation, jewelry store owners are gearing up for the next big burst of blingy sales. Whether your shoppers are popping the big question, buying a statement piece for the one they love, or simply treating themselves to a little something sparkly, you know they’re likely to be walking through your jewelry store’s doors right at the first of February. In fact, according to data gathered by MarketResearch, nearly 20% of all Valentine’s Day gifts are pieces of jewelry.  And – get ready for this number – jewelry stores will make about $2.2 billion off the holiday.

So, how can you make sure you’re ready to take full advantage of Cupid’s offers? By making sure you have everything covered when it comes to your store’s packaging needs. That’s why we’ve created this, our Mid-Atlantic Packaging complete checklist for Valentine’s Day packaging needs within the jewelry industry.

Ready? Grab a pen, and let’s go over what you need!

Jewelry Boxes

This one’s a no-brainer! Still, even if you already have plenty of jewelry packaging boxes in stock, now is the time to purchase some really special boxes. There are so many options to choose from, and it’s always best to make sure you have enough variety of shapes and sizes in stock. Just like you can’t make the wrong size ring fit on a finger, you really don’t want to force your jewelry into boxes that aren’t made for the specific pieces! We especially love cotton filled jewelry boxes like our linen foil boxes. We also suggest you take a look at some luxe ribbon jewelry box options, since for this special occasion, many of your clients will likely want to go all out!

Jewelry Box Accessories 

You know how much work goes into making the perfect piece of jewelry. Make sure your packaging reflects that same care and attention. Pick up some extra cotton inserts, to prevent jewelry from sliding around in the box, risking potential damage that could ruin an otherwise special moment for a couple. Be sure you also have all the jewelry tags you need so you can display prices in a subtle way, lending your store an elegant feel that protects the privacy of your clients.

Valentine’s Day Wrapping Paper

It’s so important to offer complimentary giftwrap during the holidays. It not only saves clients time, it also proves you care about their shopping experience as a whole. With that in mind, make sure you have different options of Valentine’s Day giftwrap! Don’t forget, too, that it might also be a good idea to pick up several ribbon and bow options, to complete the look of your wrapping job!

Valentine’s Day Gift Bags

Of course, not every client will want their gift to be wrapped up in a box. Many clients prefer to have a bag option when it comes to wrapping their jewelry. Whether you want to think about ordering custom retail shopping bags to advertise your store, or if you’d rather go with a sophisticated romantic feel of a velvet pouch bag, make sure you take the time to add a few special touches! Don’t forget to pick up some tissue paper, to make the bags appear as full as possible. And it goes without saying that you should tie your shopping bags with a big and beautiful bow!

Other Jewelry Packaging Supplies

To finish up, let’s review a couple items you may not even know you need to prepare properly for Valentine’s Day at your jewelry store. Since many of your clients will appreciate the convenience of a one-stop shopping experience, we suggest have some cards on hand for your clients to fill out. Why? Because they may want to go ahead and write a romantic message to their loved one right after purchasing the jewelry, while they are still reeling in the romanticism of their purchase. The more likely scenario, though? Their purchase is probably a surprise, and they can’t run the risk of being caught writing a card at home! To help out even more, offer to keep the jewelry for them until the big day, so no one will be tempted to go peeking!

This holiday, love is definitely in the air, and we’d love to see how your clients celebrated. Feel free to send us some photographs of how you celebrated the holiday in your store. And don’t forget to keep checking back with our blog for the latest invaluable tips on what you can do to keep boosting your packaging game throughout the year!