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So you made it through the end of the year holiday hustle and bustle. But now are you feeling that familiar Valentine’s Day stress? We get it…trying to create the perfect store window display, putting together gift baskets for your clients, making sure your arrangements are cuter, sweeter, and just a touch more perfect than your competition’s – it can be exhausting!

We know it can be super easy to forget about your flower shop’s packaging needs for Valentine’s Day. But – since according to data gathered by The Retail and Advertising Marketing Association, flowers make up $403 million worth of the revenue from Valentine’s Day sales – we also know you can’t afford to forget anything!

To make sure you’re totally ready for this important holiday, we’ve created the Ultimate Florist’s Valentine’s Day Packaging Checklist. Picking up all these essentials will make sure your flowers don’t end up on a list like this! So grab a pen and get ready to check off the following items!

The Florist’s Complete Valentine’s Day Packaging Checklist

Florist Boxesgiftbasket_florist_boxes.jpg

This one’s a no-brainer, and sure you already have boxes on hand, but you’d be surprised by how many people forget about re-ordering essentials like extra florists boxes when the stress of getting their store ready for the holiday hits. Not only can the right florist box keep your flowers from wilting or getting crushed in the shipping or delivery process, they can also make the recipient of the flowers feel as though their gift is extra-special. We recommend picking up an assortment of both one and two-piece flower boxes so all your arrangements can be covered.

Bonus Tip: We also encourage you to slip a little something extra inside the box to help set the mood, like a felt flower ornament or a heart paper chain to add an extra dose of romance!

Valentine’s Day Wrapping Paper

Keep wrapping paper on hand for those little trinkets you have around your store. You can even wrap up your florist boxes to add an element of surprise. We love the fun and whimsical prints on our Valentine’s gift wrap, whether you want to go with a more traditional wrapping paper or something unexpected and super cool! As we say in the business…that’s a wrap!

Bonus Tip: Every beautifully-wrapped gift needs a special finishing touch. We make it easy to add a whimsical, sweet dash to your wrapped boxes with feather boa bows that are easy to stick on and come, conveniently, in pink or red. PERFECT for everyone’s favorite heart-holiday.

Valentine’s Day Gift Bags

Don’t forget to stock up on some gift bags for good measure, too. Perfect for disguising smaller arrangements or simply wrapping up gardening tools or books your store might sell, gift bags are the quick and easy answer to gift wrap, saving you and your customers time! Go for an elegant option in white, red, or pink, tied with a festive bow, or opt for something with a printed pattern. Bonus Tip: Have you been thinking about custom printed bags for your store? The new year and upcoming holiday is a great excuse to seriously consider making the switch to custom retail shopping bags. If you’ve been thinking about it…there’s no time like
the present!


Gift Bows and Gift Ribbons

Of course, no retail packing strategy is complete without the perfect final addition of a festive ribbon or bow! Use ribbons to tie up a florist box, gift bag, or even around the bouquet itself. Bonus Tip: Nothing says Valentine’s Day like gorgeous pink satin ribbons.

Gift Cards 

It’s a fact: picking out the right gift can be extremely stressful for some people, especially weary shoppers who barely made it through the December gift-giving gauntlet. Enter: the beauty of the gift card. Gift cards are the perfect way to tell a special someone that they deserve flowers every day of the year!

Bonus Tip: Make sure you’ve picked up some beautiful gift card boxes so your packaging experience is still just as special.

Gift Packaging Boxes

Gift packing boxes can help prevent precious gifts from being crushed while keeping things bright and festive! And for your online orders and purchases that are being shipped to lucky recipients, remember: just because a customer isn’t shopping in your store, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take into consideration their first interaction with your brand! Your shipping style matters, too.

Bonus Tip: Using sturdy boxes doesn’t mean you have to go the boring old kraft box route. Decorative and Valentine’s-Day-Perfect boxes like our damask decorative corrugated boxes can be fun and cute!

Other Gift Packaging Details 

Don’t forget those little extra details that can help set your packaging apart from your competition and elevate your customers’ experience when they interact with your brand. Must-have items like florist tissue paper in seasonal hues of red, pink, or white will make a great addition to your packaging. For bouquets that are ready to walk out the door, make sure you’re stocked up on embossed florist foil rolls, available in several awesome and eye-catching shades.

Bonus Tip: Most importantly of all? Those Valentine’s Day cards, so your clients can finish their thoughtful gift off with a sweet love note to their loved one!

Now, do you feel ready to conquer the Valentine’s Day packaging scene? Keep reading our blog well into 2017 for even more indispensable packaging tips, tricks, and ideas from our experts.