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The 5 Types of Packaging Every Florist Must Have This Valentine's Day.png

Smart florists know that Valentine’s Day in the flower industry means one thing: everything’s coming up roses for the next few weeks!

In fact, according to data gathered by The Retail Advertising and Marketing Association, flowers make up more than 34% of all the gifts purchased during the Valentine’s Day season, coming in only after cards and chocolates as the most popular gifts to give during Cupid’s reign! Even more interesting? That same study showed that Valentine’s Day flowers will generate $403 million this year. $403 MILLION!

But even the freshest, most beautiful flowers in the world aren’t going to look their best if they arrive crushed, wilted, or bent out of shape. After all, no one in the flower industry can forget the 1800-Flowers disaster of 2015. Make sure your business doesn’t end up on a fail listicle by re-upping and checking your packaging plan for the holiday now.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of everything you’ll need for your flower shop on Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget to check everything to make sure you stand way ahead of your competition this year!

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Must Have Florist Packaging #1 – Florist Boxes

You know that the best way to make sure your flowers get shipped or sent home safe and sound is through a protective florist box. Not only that, these gift packaging boxes can also add a flair of elegance that’s just right for the romance of this holiday. For corsages and smaller arrangements, a one-piece box you can simply fold over and lock into place will work best, but for more lavish arrangements (hey, if there’s ever a time to make a statement, it’s now) a two-piece box will make sure your flowers really shine.

Must Have Florist Packaging #2 – Gift Card Boxes

We know the idea of finding the perfect arrangement might be intimidating for some of your customers. This year, why not offer the gift that keeps on giving? Offer them something that means their sweetheart will be able to treat themselves to even more of your beautiful arrangements in the future! Selling gift cards to your shop is a unique way you can stand out from the competition this season. Be sure you’ve picked up some gift card boxes to make the presentation as exciting as, well, an unexpected bouquet of flowers! 

Must Have Florist Packaging #3 – Gift Bows

Since Valentine’s Day is all about going over the top for the one you love, be sure you can offer some over-the-top wrapping and décor for your customers. Exceed all expectations by picking up some extra gift bows this year for those customers who are hoping their gift will take their relationships to the next level. We love the idea of having several options for color, size, and texture, so your clients can feel they’ve added a personal touch to their packaging. Colored bows are perfect for adding to the top of a florist box, and why not go a step further and tie a little something extra at the end? Need some ideas? How about a small wrapped piece of candy or a heart ornament? It’s the little things like this that really show you’re willing to go above and beyond. Translation? You’re one step ahead of your competition.

Must Have Florist Packaging #4 – Other Gift Packaging Needs

We know it’s easy to accidentally overlook things when ordering your packaging for the holidays, so here’s a friendly reminder: don’t forget to pick up those little extra details that can make your packaging stand out while keeping the flowers safe! But how do you do that?  Embossed flower rolls are certainly a must-have, especially in a gleaming pink, red, or purple hue. While you’re at it, make sure you’re stocking up on florist tissue paper, especially if you’re buying boxes!

Must Have Florist Packaging #5 – Gift Ribbons

No matter what type of packaging you’re sending your flowers out the door in (even if it’s just a flower pot) tying ribbon around any arrangement can be a beautiful finishing touch. For this holiday in particular, we recommend some our soft pink glitz tulle, or make a statement with our red bella terra ribbon. Your flowers will have never looked better!

Are you all set for the holiday? Then it’s time to relax and treat yourself to a much-needed piece of chocolate (or two…we’re not judging). Keep checking back with our blog to get more of our top necessities and ideas for flower packaging in 2017.

Have you got an idea you’d love to see explored on the blog? Want to show us your packaging in action? Don’t hesitate to reach out – we’re all ears and we love hearing from you!