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As a business, creating a good product is only half the battle. You also have to package it in a way that’s appealing to your target audience. Research has shown time and again that packaging affects purchasing decisions and how consumers feel about what you’re selling.

If you’ve made a sale online, you have to be conscious of how to package products for delivery. That means thinking about things like shipping boxes and packaging supplies.


Colors matter. Here’s how your choice of hue will impact your products.

Red suggests passion and drama. Orange stands for warmth and enthusiasm. Yellow conveys happiness and freshness. Pink represents femininity. Green is associated with nature and environmental awareness. Black indicates mystery and decorum.

Using the right color scheme for your product will increase sales and help customers remember your brand. It reinforces who you are in the customer’s eyes.

Perceived value

People unschooled in business might think products sell for a little bit more than what they cost to manufacture. Savvy business people know that products sell whatever price people are willing to pay. It’s all about how much people perceive your product should cost.

Packaging helps with that. A drab package will subconsciously lower people’s opinion of some products. The right package will enhance perceived value.

A piece of jewelry will seem to be worth more if it comes in a frilly package. The box will be small, but it should be sturdy and look elegant, hot-stamped with a brand name. Lots of tissue paper might surround the box, which will increase customers’ anticipation as they work their way through the packaging to the prize.

A basket of snacks will taste better when it’s dressed up with ribbons and bows. A high-quality, stylish bag will convey strength and quality, so the bottle of wine inside will taste better.

The packaging should also match what’s inside. Splashy colors are appropriate for a child’s toy, but a more muted presentation is better for something practical such as a hand tool.

Customers will also make judgments about value after an online purchase arrives at their home, even noticing things such as shipping boxes and packaging supplies.


In addition to looking right, the packaging must do its job of protecting the product and allowing it to be delivered intact to a customer’s home or business.

For a bottle of lotion, for example, that means the plastic bottle and pump must be able to do its job of holding the lotion and pumping it out the bottle.

It also means choosing a shipping box or bag that is strong enough to withstand the bottle’s delivery. The container also should be the right size, and padded, if necessary, with shipping supplies such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts or tissue paper.

Packaging is important not only in selling a product, but in getting it to the customer.