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With a new year on the horizon, it is only natural that many brands are reconsidering their packaging choices. This means that there is quite a bit of interest in packaging design trends for 2022.

Perhaps some of you didn’t know that packaging design has trends and seasons just like fashion does. These trends are not only about the design of the package but also the material and shape that are selected. Moreover, a new year frequently is a good time for companies to consider how their packaging design fits into the larger scheme of their industry and even society.

Over the last year or two, there has been a more-than-typical amount of upheaval in the world. More and more people are relying on eCommerce and shipping to get them the products that they need. This has meant that those working in the packaging industry have had to get even more creative than usual.

For many years now, Mid-Atlantic Packaging has been at the forefront of packaging design trends. We believe that this is an essential part of our business function. That’s because keeping up with trends enables us to offer not only the most attractive packaging options to our customers but also the latest innovations that help to keep shipments safe and secure.

Let’s take a look at some of the hottest packaging trends coming up in 2022. Here is an overview:

  • Fonts and Typefaces
  • The 1960s
  • Minimal Design
  • Color Mists
  • Faux 3D Effects
  • Combining Maximal with Minimal
  • Color Layers with the Cut ‘N’ Paste Look
  • Raw and Flawed Materials
  • A Little Mischief
  • Remembering Y2K

After that, you’ll definitely want to get in touch with Mid-Atlantic Packaging to see how we can help your brand maximize the effectiveness of its packaging.

Fonts and Typefaces

Font is never an afterthought when it comes to packaging design. In fact, the font or fonts that you use on your packaging can communicate quite a bit about your brand. The font might declare that your company is:

  • Fun-loving
  • Unique
  • Trustworthy
  • Dependable
  • Original

Some of the most popular font choices for packaging include Times New Roman, Montserrat, and Lato. Of course, there are thousands of choices to consider. If you need help deciding which typeface is right for your packaging, then ask Mid-Atlantic Packaging for help. Our design professionals can help you ensure that your boxes, bags, and envelopes say exactly what you want them to.

In fact, packaging design trends for 2022 are showing a preference for using text-centric designs. People tend to forget that typeface actually is an art form that can be modified and changed. Some brands are moving away from using illustrations and photographs in favor of decorative fonts that are used as artwork in their own right.

Think of it as another way to make your products stand out on crowded store shelves. Using text as artwork has a minimal aesthetic that is attractive to many consumers.

The 1960s Stage a Comeback

Most decades are typified by certain discernible style preferences, and the 1960s was no exception. Remember all the colorful, psychedelic designs of that era?

Maybe you’re too young to have experienced it firsthand, but those designs were really cutting edge and eye-catching. It seems that in 2022, that look is coming back with a vengeance.

Brands that are going this route with their packaging in the coming year may be tuning into the consumers’ need to emphasize peace and love in a time of turmoil. From groovy and colorful waves to distorted typefaces, 1960s-inspired packaging design may help consumers feel connected to an earlier era that they may see as less turbulent than the modern-day.

Minimal Design

Some brands are heading for the opposite end of the spectrum in 2022. Instead of a lot of pop colors, wavy designs, and eye-catching fonts, they are going for a more soothing approach.

Minimal design in packaging definitely doesn’t have to mean inexpensive and uninspired. Clean, sleek, gorgeous designs can give products a decidedly upscale tone. More than that, they offer a respite from the bright colors, overdone fonts, and eye-popping graphics that are common on store shelves.

Sometimes, it’s just nice to rest your eyes on a serene box, bottle, or jar. Such packaging is eminently readable and uses muted colors to deliver a nonetheless powerful message of quiet competency. Consumers who crave calm and peace will certainly be attracted to comforting colors and minimalistic elements that keep things simple and grounded.

Color Mists

Brands that favor minimalist-inspired packaging may be interested in adding an interesting pop of color to their designs. In 2022, analysts are expecting to see plain white packaging enlivened with a sprayed mist of color.

If you are on Instagram, then chances are good that you have already noticed this trend toward color mists. What makes this such an attractive feature?

Perhaps it is because color mists are at once calming and eye-catching. Consumers who walk by products that use this effect on their packaging are definitely going to stop and take a second look.

Consider adding a high-chrome, flashy color to your single-color packaging. It is a simple yet undeniably attention-getting device. With the right designer, your color mist packaging could start trending on Instagram too.

Faux 3D Effects

This contemporary and sometimes edgy design choice is a favorite with innovative brands around the world, so you can expect to see it used far more in the coming year. A faux 3D graphic illustration is a sophisticated effect that plays with illusion and depth. If you want to make sure that consumers will pause and give their attention to your products on the store shelf, a faux 3D effect is the way to go.

A great deal of high-tech know-how goes into creating a faux 3D effect. By using this technique, your brand demonstrates to the public an emphasis on the latest technological trends, suggesting that the products you sell are definitely worth the price.

Combining Maximal with Minimal

Some brands are saving a special surprise for customers who buy their products. The outer packaging is understated, elegant, and minimal. You might see one muted color and a minor amount of font.

However, when the packaging is opened, the customer receives so much more than just the product. Inside the packaging are gorgeous, colorful designs that pop off of the box. This technique sparks a pleasurable, surprising feeling in consumers who love seeing just how much thought and consideration has gone into creating a memorable unboxing experience.

The inference is that if the brand took so much trouble to make the packaging special and memorable, their product must be truly remarkable.

Color Layers with the Cut ‘n’ Paste Look

Collage is a time-honored technique in the art world, and lately, it’s been making more appearances in the packaging industry. Analysts believe that packaging design in 2022 will rely more heavily on combining geometry and layers of color. Edges will look ripped and raw, giving a nod to eco-conscious consumers who are looking for products that incorporate recycled materials.

Raw and Flawed Materials

Speaking of eco-conscious consumers, brands are appealing to this sector of the market by using packaging that incorporates some natural fibers and imperfect finishes. This is especially important for any brand that wishes to emphasize its sustainable, Earth-friendly practices and materials.

You can keep this emphasis going with the packaging that you choose. This is becoming critically important as more consumers place a focus on using environmentally friendly products. The advantage of using raw and natural materials in your packaging is that they are easier to recycle. Additionally, people who are concerned about the environment tend to gravitate toward this off-white, rough-textured packaging, which actually makes an ideal backdrop for printed inks of many colors.

Add a Little Mischief

If your company is serious about making connections with consumers, then give some consideration to using hand-drawn illustrations on your packaging. This trend leans toward meme culture, which appeals to a broad segment of the population. Typically, the lines in these illustrations are imperfect. They may feature 2D characters that are broadly eccentric or make knowing references to street style.

Consumers who see these illustrations likely will find them fun and youthful, sparking a smile or even a laugh. If it’s your intention to capture the heart and imagination of your public, then a mischievous illustration is a great choice.

Remembering Y2K

This is a trend that relies on a metallic, kitschy design era that never totally disappeared. From the mid-1990s to about 2005, the public was obsessed with the turn of the millennium and technology. This obsession manifested itself in a focus on cyberpunk, and this influence continues to be strong to this day.

Most design trends recycle about every 20 years or so, making 2022 the right time to see Y2K resurging. What’s really interesting about it this time around is that back then, these design elements were on the cutting edge of the future. Now, they are more charmingly ironic and nostalgic.

If you’d like to embrace the retro-Y2K trend, opt for silver, pale neon, white and pale blue with a variety of geometric shapes.

Design Advice from Mid-Atlantic Packaging

Whether you want to update your brand’s packaging to reflect the latest design trends or just want to make a few tweaks to improve the look or functionality of your packaging, Mid-Atlantic Packaging is here to help. Talk to our design experts today to learn more about the many options that are available to you.