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With sales of fine jewelry continuing to move toward the online market, and an expected $257 billion in sales this year (yes, that was a “b”), finding that stand-out packaging solution for your jewelry is more important than ever before.

After all, packaging isn’t just a way to keep products safe – it’s also how you communicate with your customers, build your brand, and increase your sales. At Mid-Atlantic Packaging, we want to provide you with a variety of options when it comes to your retail packaging needs. And we understand, jewelry comes with its own specific set of packaging needs.

Enter: the pouch.

Keep in mind that, while customers may eventually discard retail packaging boxes, or repurpose shopping bags as gift wrap, they’re a lot more likely to hold on to nice jewelry pouches, so why not give them something that’s worth keeping?

Customers love to use pouches to store jewelry, keep their pieces safe when traveling, or simply as a memento of a special gift they’ve received.

All of these reasons came into play when we decided to expand our line of jewelry pouches. Keep reading to view our latest offerings, and to decide which ones will work best for your products and customers.

Chinese Satin Pouches

pouches_chinese_satin.jpgWhen special gifts are tucked inside, these stunning pouches offer a sense of regalness to your merchandise. We think they look particularly beautiful when wrapping ivory or bone-colored jewelry. They’re an excellent way to make more minimalist jewelry designs really pop.

Available in four different sizes, Chinese satin pouches can work for necklaces, bracelets, rings, and other accessories. Even brooches and earrings fit neatly in these bags.

They’re perfect for any stylized, Far East-inspired pieces in your collection. Especially if you’re selling vintage products, these jewelry pouches are a delightful option.

Faux Suede Pouches


Faux suede jewelry pouches are perfect for those really special pieces – we’re thinking engagement ring or upscale anniversary jewelry here. If you’re looking for a pouch that’s still elegant, but won’t take the focus off of your design, you’ve got your answer in faux suede pouches. And with four sizes to choose from, you’re sure to find the pouch that fits your needs.

The basic yet sophisticated black color means they’re easy to customize. We think including the name of your brand in an elegant, looped gold script across the front is a beautiful way to incorporate your branding strategy into your packaging. Plus, these sweet little pouches are much more affordable than they look!

Satin Pouches


These dainty jewelry satin pouches are available in three different sizes, in a creamy white or a deep black. And since they come in more neutral colors, now is the time to have fun with the color of your tissue paper! Why not go for something bold, like a bright green or hot pink? The simple drawstring closure ensures that your jewelry stays put, even on a longer shipping journey. For a really special touch, throw in a sprig of lavender for a sweet surprise with a wonderful scent.

Net Pouches


Net pouches are perfect for the ultra-trendy and modern jewelry designer! They’re available in four different sizes, in a generous range of six colors. We suggest picking up a nice mix of colors, so that your packaging – just like your pieces – always keeps your customers guessing!

Net pouch options are for those brands with a flair for the dramatic. They also work well for custom jewelry designers who create pieces in a variety of styles and sizes, as it’s easy to choose the pouch that best matches your piece.

Ready to Order Your New Pouches Today?

By now you’re probably ready to add a few more pouches to your packaging mix. While it’s good to have a consistent, branded pouch, keep in mind that many customers will appreciate more options that are geared towards specific holidays or occasions, too, so consider ordering seasonally and don’t be afraid to mix it up occasionally!

We believe that as your business grows, you should always continue to expand your packaging choices. It’s a way to show your customers you have an eye towards the future, while also keeping your brand consumer-focused. Mid-Atlantic Packaging is here to help you do just that.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you bring your dream designs to life. Reach out today to receive your custom packaging quote.