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At Mid-Atlantic Packaging, we’re always looking for new and exciting ways to expand our product lines. This month, we’re excited to highlight one of our new favorite ways to add an extra bit of sparkle to your custom retail packaging! After all, we think sparkle makes everything better…don’t you?

Have you ever considered using metallic shred filler in your boxes, baskets, and bags?

Especially if you ship smaller products to customers, including metallic shred in your packaging is a great way to keep products safe – and packaging looking fuller!

But before we convince you, let’s break down what metallic shred filler actually is and how it differs from other types of shreds. Then, we’ll discuss two of our favorite shred options, and give you some ideas on how to use this fun filler to take your packaging to the next level!

Understanding The Different Types of Filler

Metallic Crinkle Cut Shred.jpg Metallic Parchment Shred.jpg

If you’ve been a customer of ours for a while, then you may have already used some of our other shreds to add extra festivity to either your shipping boxes or your in-store packaging.

We offer a variety of different shreds in a wide selection of colors (and you’ll soon see…plain paper shreds are not the only way to jazz up your packaging).

We have crinkle cut shreds in solid colors, shredded cellophane filler, parchment shred, and more.

Our most popular type of shredded filler, crinkle cut shreds can be easily recognized by their accordion-like shape. This means they’re perfect for gift baskets and more “fun-filled” products: think children’s toys, games, or joke gifts. Crinkle cut shreds are made from 100% recycled paper and they’re recyclable, so you don’t have to feel guilty about using them.

Shredded cellophane is long shiny strands that make a perfect cushion to nestle items in bags, baskets, and boxes while adding a fun and festive element. Maybe you’ve even seen iridescent shredded cellophane used as table decor on special nights like New Year’s Eve!

By contrast, parchment shred is made from straighter strands – there are no micro-folds like the crinkle cut variety. Use this filler to complete your packaging look.

What Is Metallic Shred Filler?

If you offer in-store giftwrapping, the extra touch of metallic fillers is a fabulous option to show customers you’re willing to go the extra mile to make your packaging look great.

Our , including silver and gold options guaranteed to liven up already luxurious customized packaging. You can select either 5 or 10 pounds of filler – why not order multiple colors to really create that wow factor?

We also offer metallic parchment shred, available in the same color range as the crinkle cut style. This look is a statement-making option not just for your packaging, but also for decor! Think about what you can do with this in your storefront window displays! Imagine using this shred as “grass” in displays, or blue for sky or rainfall…the options are endless. The eye-catching metallic finish will surely catch the eyes of window shoppers!

Packaging Ideas for Metallic Shred

You already know your packaging is an incredibly important part of your overall branding strategy. And when you think about the staggering fact that 95% of all new brands or products fail each year…can you really afford to NOT make a difference in your branding and packaging strategy?

Custom packaging can help increase brand recognition, widen your target market, and elevate the buying experience for your customers. When it comes to including metallic shreds in your packaging, we want to offer you some inspiring ideas that will help elevate the total look of your packaging.

Read on to learn more.

The “Surprise Inside” Hint

Everyone loves the element of surprise. If you have some products you’re looking to unload, or you simply want to include some samples in your packaging, metallic shreds can make it even more fun for your customer.

On your packaging’s exterior, why not print a hint like “Hunt for samples/free gift inside!” Then, hide products in the metallic shreds – your customers will love to go hunting!

The “Filled to The Brim” Look

Are you shipping or selling jars, containers, mugs, or other breakable and fragile items? We love the idea of including some of metallic shreds inside your products.

Not only is this a great way to further your branding (select shades in brand colors), but it will also help keep products even safer during the shipping process.

Ready to Pick Up Some Metallic Filler?

Using metallic filler shreds in your retail packaging and shipping boxes can really help step up your game and stay ahead of the competition – are you ready to pick some up?

Want to revamp your current packaging look so it matches these metallic shreds? Have a retail shopping bag design idea for your brand that you’re looking to bring to life? Get in touch with us today to receive a custom packaging quote.