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On average, how many advertisements do you think the average person sees in a day? A dozen? Two dozen? Maybe 100 or more?

The answer is something more like 6,000 to 10,000 ads every day.

It probably sounds unbelievable, but give it some thought. What are some examples of places where you see advertising?

  • Magazines
  • Television
  • Your email inbox
  • Playing alongside the news content you read on the Internet
  • Attached to the sides of buses and trains
  • On billboards along the highway

This is just a small example of the places in which advertising touches people. However, here is another one that you may not have thought about: Shopping bags.

Each time you see a shopping bag, it’s a commercial. If the brand is savvy, then they have placed their name and perhaps a distinctive logo on the bag. Perhaps they have used their signature color, and if the holidays are coming up, they may have even created a holiday-themed bag to get you in the shopping mood.

Without necessarily planning to do it, a consumer who just shopped at that brand’s brick-and-mortar location is now advertising for that brand.

This type of advertising works on other people who see someone carrying that bag. They immediately think, “I didn’t know that store was around here. I’ve got to find it!”

However, that branded paper bag works on another level as well.

If a brand decides to use luxury paper bags that are sturdier and look much nicer than ordinary bags, then chances are good that consumers will reuse those bags. That is a valuable opportunity for any brand that is determined to keep their name at the forefront of consumers’ minds.

Each time your customer pulls out that bag to reuse it, they are going to think about your brand. They will remember the last time they were in your store, and how much fun they had browsing. This will connect to that great product they bought and how much they love using it. Suddenly, they know they need to plan another trip to your store.

This is essential because you definitely want repeat customers. In fact, there is evidence that repeat customers are much better than new customers. What makes repeat customers such a valuable commodity?

Repeat customers:

  • Spend more money
  • Tend to spend even more in the midst of the holiday rush
  • Are much more likely to buy than new customers
  • Promote your business for you

New customers, on the other hand, tend to cost you more money. Research demonstrates that attracting just one new customer costs businesses five times more than hanging on to existing customers. Moreover, data suggest that it will cost your business 16 times more to get a new customer to spend at the same level as your existing repeat customers.

Think of it from this perspective: Marketing campaigns cost a lot of money. Reaching your target audience can be hit or miss. Compare this to having a brand ambassador like your best repeat customer. That customer will market your brand at little or no cost to your company.

Remember that word-of-mouth referrals can take you an extraordinarily long way. If people are carrying your luxury paper bags everywhere they go, how many people will they influence to seek out your shop?

Luxury Paper Bags Do the Work For You

Marketing decisions rarely are easy. That is especially true for new business owners who aren’t quite certain how to reach their target audience yet. Many advertising options are costly, and chances are good that your marketing budget is relatively limited.

However, this is why it makes sense to put luxury paper bags at the forefront of your marketing strategy. Notice that we’re not saying that just any old paper bag will work. We’re putting an emphasis on luxury paper bags.

What is the difference between ordinary and luxury paper bags?

Many companies go the easy route when they are choosing bags for their brick-and-mortar location. The owner figures that the cheapest option is probably the most sensible choice.

This might seem like a good strategy, especially if the company’s cash flow is pretty tight, but it can backfire. Shoppers love it when they feel like they have found a bargain from a retailer that they consider upscale. When you choose luxury paper bags, you’re giving your customers a sense that yours is an exclusive and desirable brand.

Think about what might happen if you choose to go with the cheapest paper bags available. These low-quality bags are much more likely to rip. When they do, your customer’s items will be strewn across the street or sidewalk.

This is a situation that is not only embarrassing but also a massive headache. Now, the customer has multiple items to carry and no bag to carry them with.

It’s frustrating, and the customer probably won’t have a very good opinion of your brand if you leave them in these circumstances.

Now, imagine that your brand went the extra mile when it came to choosing paper bags. You went with high-quality, sturdier materials that feel great in the hand. Each bag has a set of handles that are not only functional but also comfortable to hold. Because this bag is designed more like a bespoke fashion accessory instead of a cheap shopping bag, the customer feels like they have really had an experience in your store, one that they will want to repeat again and again.

Luxury Paper Bag Options

You have many custom options from which to choose when you decide to use luxury paper bags. For instance, you probably want a design that can be conveniently folded flat when the bag is not in use.

Obviously, your bags must identify your brand. This may be accomplished with the use of your brand’s name, logo, certain images, and patterns as well as the colors that you select. With this level of attention to detail, every customer who is carrying your bag becomes a walking advertisement for your brand.

Careful consideration is given to finishing options for luxury paper bags. As an example, many brands choose laminated paper because this material is water-resistant. This means that the bag won’t fail at the first hint of rain.

Additionally, paper handles are not necessarily the sturdiest and most luxurious option. An increasing number of brands are choosing rope or ribbon handles because they are stronger, more durable and simply feel better in the hand.

What Are the Benefits of Using Luxury Paper Bags?

Luxury paper bags that are customized with your brand’s identifying marks are good advertisements for your business. However, it turns out that the benefits of using luxury paper bags goes beyond this.

The truth is that customers absolutely love receiving a high-quality paper bag that is attractively and conveniently designed. It makes them feel as if your brand really cares about them and their overall experience. Buyer’s remorse is unlikely to occur when the public believes that a brand actually feels that they matter.

Additionally, that great-looking luxury bag becomes an important part of the unwrapping experience. Even someone who bought the product themselves and watched it being bagged in the store will get more out of unwrapping the product when it’s in a so upscale and elegant bag. If the product is being given as a gift, is there even any need to wrap it? Your bag already does it all.

Another benefit of using luxury paper bags is that they are a green solution. These well-made bags get used again and again. When their useful lifespan is at an end, they are very easy to recycle. Your customers will take care to place the used bag in a recycle bin.

Then, they are ready to visit you again so they can get another bag.

Luxury Paper Bags from Mid-Atlantic Packaging

We like to provide our customers with an outstanding experience. This means that our design team will work with you from the earliest stages of your packaging project, helping you to create luxury paper bags that clearly identify your brand and are sure to delight your customers.

Designing high-quality paper bags takes some time, and it can be difficult to know exactly where to start. That’s why it’s a good idea to get in touch with our designers at your earliest convenience. To get started, visit our paper bag products page.

Of course, we don’t just sell bags at Mid-Atlantic Packaging. We help clients fulfill all of their packaging needs, including custom kraft boxes and so much more. Get in touch, and let us know what we can do for you.