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Business owners across the country are increasingly interested in making eco-friendly choices. One of these choices is to opt for kraft paper packaging?

Have you heard of kraft paper? Maybe not, but you’ve definitely seen it being used by some of the trendier retailers around town. Why are so many companies choosing kraft paper? Is it a good choice for your brand?

Read on to learn more!

Defining Kraft Paper

You might make kraft paper your packaging of choice for many reasons. Some of them might be:

  • It’s an eco-friendly option;
  • Kraft paper is available in many flexible sizes and shapes;
  • You can have your kraft paper custom printed;
  • Customers love the look and feel of kraft paper;
  • The possibilities for coordinating with colorful or printed tissue paper are endless.

Kraft paper gets its name from the Kraft process that is used to manufacture. Like other paper, the Kraft process includes chemically converting wood into pulp. Wood is composed of structural components like lignin and cellulose. Unfortunately, lignin does not make good paper products so it must be segregated from the cellulose in the wood. This separation process is accomplished by cooking wood chips in a solution of sodium hydroxide and sodium sulfide. The cooking process separates the lignin from the cellulose with solid wood pulp being the remainder. Larger pieces of wood pulp are removed through a screen before the remaining pulp is washed. Next, the paper is made.

The Advantages of Kraft Paper Over Regular Paper

Comparing kraft paper to regular paper reveals some key differences. Perhaps most importantly, kraft paper is stronger because it is composed of less lignin and has a higher sulfur ratio. Additionally, because kraft paper is not subjected to an intense bleaching process, it remains stronger and keeps the manufacturing costs in check.

Another thing that sets kraft paper apart is that, unlike other paper manufacturing, it is possible to use all sorts of wood to make kraft paper. This means that diverse materials like bamboo and resinous pine may be used to make this special type of paper.

It also is critical to note that the majority of the chemicals that are used in the kraft paper-making process can be used again and again. Accordingly, the manufacturing process is self-sustaining. Two byproducts, tall oil and turpentine, cannot be recovered and reused to make more kraft paper. However, both of these substances can be recovered for other manufacturing uses.

Why Use Kraft Paper for Packaging?

You might decide to use kraft paper for your packaging based on reasons such as:

  • Kraft paper adds little weight to packages, thus keeping shipping costs down;
  • The paper’s coarse texture and enhanced durability offer the package more protection;
  • Kraft paper is incredibly flexible and can assume nearly any shape; and
  • Kraft paper enhances your company’s image as one that is environmentally responsible.

Of course, kraft paper isn’t just suitable for packaging. This versatile material also takes the form of kraft shred, kraft tags, kraft boxes and kraft tissue. If your company wants to make an eco-friendly statement, then this is one way to do it.

Kraft Paper Is a Marketing Opportunity

Whether a business is new or well-established, the owners and executives are probably always looking for ways to make their products stand out from the competition. These non-stop efforts can be exhausting, but they don’t necessarily have to be.

When you place a special emphasis on packaging, you are taking advantage of a golden opportunity to establish your brand as unique. Imagine beautiful, custom kraft boxes that advertise your company. This is a low-cost but valuable approach as kraft boxes tend to be more affordable than boxes that are made out of other materials. Plus, the customization possibilities are endless. With your company’s logo, website and contact information included, your customers will always know how to reach you.

Your choice to use kraft boxes also will appeal to your more eco-conscious customers, letting them know that you are just as concerned about the environment as they are.

Kraft Paper Protects Products

Kraft paper is surprisingly durable and strong. This means that packaging made from this material stands up to all sorts of use including storage, transportation and sitting on the shelf at a store.

The pine pulp that frequently is used to make kraft paper and boxes gives this material better resistance and allows it to withstand varying pressure levels. It also is possible to add corrugated layers to kraft paper to give it even more strength and resiliency.

Kraft boxes can be used to package almost anything, including food items. Because kraft boxes are made using wholly natural materials, the chances of toxic chemicals being introduced into edible products are virtually nil. Able to withstand temperature changes, moisture and heat, kraft paper is an excellent choice for many companies.

Kraft Paper Is Endlessly Customizable

Kraft paper and boxes can be used to contain just about any type of product. Added to this versatility is the fact that these packaging choices can be highly customized. Do you have a special size, shape or configuration in mind? All you have to do is ask your packaging professional. Chances are good that a suitable package is already available. If not, then you have the option of having new packaging designed for you.

Of course, the choices go well beyond just size and shape. A wide range of printing options are available too. You can choose to add labels either alone or combined with printing. Either way, these packages always make a definitive statement.

It also is worth thinking about certain add-ons. Some of the most popular options include handles, inserts and windows. Accordingly, if you are packaging soap, cosmetics, jewelry, candles or bakery products, you can give your customers a chance to sniff the product inside before they open it.

Remember that kraft paper can be molded into absolutely any shape. If you want a rectangle or a square, that’s easy enough, but what about a circle or an oval? These and other possibilities are always available.

What Will You Achieve with Kraft Paper?

Presenting a cohesive visual aesthetic to the public is a strong marketing tool for any brand. If you are thinking about using kraft paper for your packaging, then it is worthwhile to consider where else you might use it.

For instance, if your company is using kraft bags at its brick-and-mortar retail locations, you might consider also using kraft boxes in a similar design when you’re shipping products via your website.

Kraft paper can even be used to make business cards. Display your commitment to the environment by taking this attractive and eco-conscious route.

Don’t forget that you can select all sorts of accessories to complement your kraft bags and boxes. How about some kraft paper shred? This is an attractive option that successfully protects even your most delicate wares. The customer who receives the kraft paper shred can use it again or recycle it.

Do you include tags with your products? If so, then it is probably a good idea to consider using kraft paper tags. This gives your packages a clear, cohesive look that is pleasing to the eye. These tags are incredibly versatile. Use them to display more information about your products, your company or the values that your business holds dear. Some companies even use these tags as a nice thank you note to their customers.

Labels are yet another option for kraft paper. Maybe you aren’t ready to make the leap to using kraft paper bags or boxes, but you still want to take advantage of this hot packaging trend. Try affixing some kraft paper labels to your brand’s boxes and bags. These labels demonstrate your commitment to the environment and give your packaging a modern, streamlined look.

Talk to Mid-Atlantic Packaging About the Possibilities

Many companies are making the switch from ordinary bags and boxes to packaging that is made from kraft paper. A more environmentally friendly option, kraft paper also costs less than regular paper because the manufacturing process involves fewer steps.

Plus, the kraft paper look is seriously fashionable and has been for the last few years. As more and more consumers become increasingly eco-conscious, it is safe to say that people will continue to favor brands that demonstrate a commitment to caring for the environment.

One way that you can do this is by switching to kraft paper packaging. Talk to the packaging experts at Mid-Atlantic Packaging today about how your company can save money and the environment by using kraft paper.