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Whether it’s a customer or your friend across the country, when someone important receives something inside a box from you, the box should look sharp and sturdy. It should not have rips or bends, and it should be folded along the lines.

Cardboard Boxes

When you receive your cardboard mailer boxes, they will be in a stack. You are better off storing the mailer boxes that way instead of folding them before you need them. They will take up less space and be less likely to get damaged in a stack.

How to fold a cardboard box

Place your mailer box on a flat surface with the outside face down and the inside face up. You should be able to see the pre-scored fold lines as you look at the box’s flat inside. Fold all the walls on the lines gently. If you use too much force, it will make future steps more difficult. When you are done with this step, the bend should be less than a right angle. Fold out the little tabs on the box’s bottom.

On two of the mailer box’s four side walls, the place where you fold will have two lines, parallel and very close to one another, rather than one line. The box will not come together correctly if you do not fold both of these lines carefully.

Bring the interior side walls of your mailer box upward and together. They should now be at a right angle compared with the box’s bottom.

Fold the two exterior side walls around the interior walls and tuck the sticking element tab into the slot on the bottom of your mailer box.How to fold a cardboard box
How to fold a cardboard mailer

Bring the top and third (and last) exterior sidewall downward. The two wings on either side of the top should fit nicely into the first two side walls you completed.

Tuck the remaining two wings from the third exterior side wall into slots on either side. Your mailer box is now ready for customers (or anyone else expecting a shipment from you).