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So, you’ve finally finished your dream custom retail packaging design. It’s on-brand, in your company colors, and you know it’s going to make your clients smile.


But you’re not quite finished with the design process just yet! Sure, you’ve got the printed bags, boxes, tissue paper, and maybe even ribbon…but have you thought about labels and tags yet?


Remember that, especially when it comes to standing out from the competition, it’s the smallest details that often have the biggest impact. Plus, you should always make it a point to take up any opportunity to further build your brand.


Let’s take a look at how custom printed labels and gift tags can help elevate the consumer experience and complete your packaging!


We Specialize in Custom Printed Labels and Tags

At Mid-Atlantic Packaging, we already have a reputation for helping you bring your best custom retail packaging ideas to life. Many of our customers come to us for assistance with bags, boxes, and even shipping supplies.


But we want our loyal (and future) clients to know that creating gorgeous, on-brand custom labels and gift tags is also an enormous part of what we do here!


We create ink stamped, hot stamped, and even digital labels for your packaging.


What are those?


We’re glad you asked…Let’s go through the differences between these options now.

Ink Printed Labels and Gift Tags

Do you prefer a flat, finished look?


Are you planning on placing a larger order?


If so, you should check out our ink printed options.


Hot Stamped Labels and Gift Tags

Want to communicate a sense of exclusivity and luxury around your products?


Do you plan on using a limited number of colors in your branding and logo design?


Do you want your labels and cards to – quite literally – stand out?


If so, check out the hot stamped look.


Digital Labels and Gift Tags

Is image clarity your priority?


Do you need to print labels to stick on the front of otherwise-plain shopping bags?


Are you looking for labels and tags that can be printed fairly quickly?


If so, going digital may be the best option for you. The digital process accommodates very detailed and graphic-rich images.


Regardless of what typed of label or tag you decide on, you can rest easy, knowing we keep your designs on file for the future, just in case…


Design Inspiration and Ideas

The great thing about creating labels and gift tags is you have a little more flexibility in your branding. This is because once you run out of them, you can order more with a different take on your design!


This is one area of branding where it’s OK to follow the trends to a certain extent. Think about fashion…this year stripes are especially popular. Use this to your advantage. Transfer that trend to create a fun-filled shopping experience. If you really want to punch up the look of stripes, you can use multiple bright colors.


Don’t be afraid of using colors that supposedly “clash.” The mix-and-match look is everywhere these days, and it’s always an eye-catching design. To prevent it from becoming an eyesore, however, use colors within the same family.


We always think it’s a great idea to leave a little bit of room on your gift cards, so your customers can write individualized messages. That way, your clients are much more likely to use your packaging as giftwrap – meaning you’ll be able to build your brand’s reputation even faster.


You might even want to create several variations of your main branding design theme – so you can play into specific holidays and celebrations. For instance, you could buy red labels and gift tags for Valentine’s Day, and Black and Gold versions during New Year’s.


Get Your Custom Gift Tags and Labels Today!

We think it’s pretty clear, these labels and gift tags should be an integral part of your overall branding strategy.


What are you waiting for?


Reach out to us today to get a customized quote on all your packaging needs. Still need a little more inspiration? Be sure to spend some time on our blog to learn more about how to take your packaging to the next level!