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Custom Tissue Paper: Nothing to Sneeze At

Tissue paper is an important packaging material throughout the retail and shipping industries. Among other things, businesses use tissue paper for packing online orders to ship, wrapping fragile merchandise in the store, adding a little padding to gift bags or even to wrap food and flowers. But did you know it can do more than just serve a functional purpose? Custom-printed tissue paper sheets and branded tissue paper are an affordable way to elevate your brand and raise awareness of it for both current and new customers.

Why Use Custom Tissue Paper?

Most businesses use plain blank kraft or white tissue paper for their packing materials. And these do have their uses, especially for shipping businesses and lower-end stores. But custom-printed tissue paper with logos, images, special patterns or just the official color of your business has several advantages:

  • It helps your product stand out to customers so they feel better about purchasing it.
  • It improves the “unboxing” experience for these same customers – or for the person they’re giving the item to as a gift.
  • It adds sophistication, excitement or any other mood you want to be associated with your brand.
  • It lets you advertise and promote your brand outside of more traditional channels.
  • It helps clients or customers remember your company the next time they’re searching for similar products.

Why Use Custom Tissue Paper

When to Add Printed Tissue Paper

There are many times that a custom tissue paper roll or ream can be a smart thing for your business to have on hand. Some of the ways you can use it to enhance your brand are:

  • Line clothing boxes to help new shirts, dresses and ties look great after transit.
  • Wrap floral arrangements for holidays, birthdays and concerts so they stay fresh.
  • Line take-out food orders and bakery shop boxes so they don’t get messy.
  • Wrap gifts for bridal showers, baby showers, anniversary parties and other celebratory occasions.
  • Add an upscale touch to corporate gift bags for clients at holiday parties or as part of a thank-you package.
  • Provide cushioning for employee awards and gifts.

When to Add Printed Tissue Paper

Custom Tissue Paper from Mid-Atlantic Packing

Our color tissue paper and custom printed sheets are an affordable way to make your brand more memorable. By protecting purchases and gifts while also adding luxury style, you’ll be at the forefront of people’s minds. Mid-Atlantic Packaging is ready to help your business with wholesale printed tissue paper that will promote your business in ways that a TV commercial or radio jingle can’t match.

Want to learn more about our offerings? Visit our Custom Printed Tissue Paper page. We can screen print your unique logo or design on white paper or kraft paper if you’re on a budget. There are also more than 70 other color options ranging from dark pink to parade blue. You can order as few as 10 reams or as many as you need. Fill out the form on the page and get a custom quote for your project that will be ready in as few as four weeks after final approvals. Give us a call at 1-800-284-1332 to learn more about the benefits of custom tissue paper.