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Building Your Brand: Adding a Logo to Custom Printed Bags

For many store owners and business owners, ordinary brown paper bags just won’t cut it. You want your shoppers or clients to feel like they’re special – so why would you give them plain, non-descript stock packaging? While adding custom artwork or messages will certainly add some style, custom paper bags with your logo may be just what you need to stand out to customers.

Bag company logo design

The Benefits of Logo Paper Bags

There are a number of advantages to having your logo printed on a set of personalized paper bags, including:

  • You’ll create a more upscale look at your store or boutique that reflects well on the brand.
  • You’ll build awareness for your logo so more people will recognize it when they see it again.
  • Customers will feel better about their purchase.
  • You get free advertising for your business and exposure to potential new customers.

Uses for Printed Paper Bags

While most people think of paper bags as something they receive when they’re going shopping, there are a number of possibilities for custom-printed bags. Here are a few suggestions that you might find helpful for your business or organization:

  • Create custom reusable shopping bags so customers will be showing off your logo again and again.
  • Order marketing bags with a logo to present materials or gifts to potential new clients.
  • Make gift bags for conferences and events your business is hosting or sponsoring.
  • Give out custom thank-you bags and gift bags to customers, clients, or employees on special occasions.
  • Make them part of a complete stationary set with a common design to identify your company.

Printed Paper Bags

Custom Paper Bag Options

Mid-Atlantic Packaging can transform our wholesale brown paper bags – or any other color bag – into logo packaging for your business. We offer three primary printing options for businesses based on your needs and budgets. If you’re interested in ordering custom paper bags with logos, contact us for a quote on any of the following options:

Hot Stamped Paper Bags

A hot foil stamped logo bag is the most luxurious option and provides the truest, longest-lasting color. This method can be applied to pretty much every type of paper bag we sell, including merchandise bags, shoppers, Euro totes and colored paper bags. These custom-printed paper bags also have no minimum purchase – we charge a flat fee for all orders of 1-500 or 501-1,000 and then a per-bag fee after that. The main disadvantage is that hot stamp printing won’t work well with logos that have a lot of detail.

Post Printed Ink Shoppers

This is the best option for businesses that need a quick turnaround on their custom paper bags. We can print your logo on several types of bags and on up to two sides using a simple ink printing process that takes days instead of weeks. This process works best with logos that have one or two colors and requires a minimum order of 500 bags.

Made-to-Order Ink-Printed Shoppers

If you want full control over the entire printing process, this service is for you. In addition to adding a highly detailed logo, you can also personalize the handles, side gussets and every other aspect for a long that truly fits your brand. With this option, a minimum order of 5,000 units is required.