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The purchaser controls the custom packaging costs. There are numerous considerations that will be addressed herein. The key point to remember is that there is no set fee. It all depends upon the choices made by the customer and how they impact the desired result.

A determination of the actual and real costs can be ascertained by reaching out to us at our website. We will offer alternatives based upon a combination of factors listed below. Give us the opportunity to meet your needs within a reasonable budget that reflects the benefits of custom packaging.

It is not as simple as throwing a design on a box and hoping the costs are not prohibitive. Much more is involved, and we are ready and able to meet your every needs.


Before examining custom packaging costs, it is important to remember the reason for special packages in the first place.

  • Product Enhancement
  • Advertisement Packaging
  • Corporate Design
  • Flexible Boxes
  • Material Selection

All of the above items on this list are the driving force behind the selection of a custom package, box, or other shipping container. They are the reason you are reading this post. You want to make your product stand out in the crowded marketplace.

Every element is critical. You cannot overlook at phase of the process. Everything aligns together to make that custom package powerful within reasonable costs.

Keep this in mind as we explore and examine the costs. We offer these options as a means for you to make your mark. Read on for further information.


When we ask this question, we assume you have moved beyond the initial inquiry about whether or not custom packaging is a good idea. Your company is ready for a custom cover for your product. It is just a matter of how money you you want to expend per package.

This is essentially a cost benefit analysis. At some point the benefits will diminish, and no further cost will be worthwhile. It is hard to know when that threshold is reached. It is just safe to say that the analysis begins and ends with the following options.

You are striving to produce a unique package that sells your product and your company. It involves selection of materials and other factors. The purpose is to produce a package or box that says our product is special. It is worth the cost.


One type of material is corrugated packaging. There are several standard options. Choosing one of those types is a way to hold down costs. A standard size is always a good selection. No need to run up expenses by ordering something special made.

Another way to go is folding cartons. Again, choose standard sizes and shapes to save money. Examine your options and select one that meets your needs. Remember, the whole point of custom packaging is to make an initial impression of your customer. A carton that has ease of opening will be remembered just like a box that seems to take forever to open.

You can look into rigid boxes. They will probably be more expensive due to manufacturing costs. However, rigid boxes that collapse is another possibility. They do save space which can result in lower shipping costs. That is all part and parcel of the logistical considerations listed below.

Some products require a bag. They may be food or some similar item. Choices involve paper and plastic. Remember that the design on a bag is very important. People like to save bags that make an impression. They will pass them on to their friends or use them to hold other products.

Packaging in bags often involves some type of wrapping. It can be tissue paper or some type of paper. You might consider, if it is feasible, to place some type of design on the paper. That could well lead to a consumer saving the paper for future use. Your design lives on into the future.

It might even be the catalyst for a friend to order from you based solely upon the design on a tissue paper. Seems hard to believe but it can be true. Consumers tend to save packaging they find attractive. Strive to be one of those providers.


Finishing involves placing the artwork or design on the package. This is very important. The design carries the message of the seller. It makes the first impression on the buyer. This is the whole reason for custom packaging. The creation of a brand that drives repeat business.

There are three ways to place the design on the container. One is digital printing. It is simple and cost effective. The image is placed directly on the package. This might be the answer for a small order. It is not, however, the most effective manner to create a dynamic design.

Offset printing involves a cylinder and plate to apply the logo to the package. The cost is higher than digital but the results can be seen. If you compare digital with offset, you will know right away which one is offset. The design will be dramatic. It is just more effective. This is another cost benefit analysis. Is it worth the extra money to produce a design that stands out?

Only the customer can answer that question. It does get back to the original idea of custom packaging. If a firm believes in the benefits of custom design, then it does not make sense to cut costs which undermine the whole process. If you are going for the win, you need to spend money without being foolish.

That is where we can come in. We can show you the difference in costs over the long run of numerous packages. Remember you are not buying one package. You plan to purchase large quantities over a period of years so the cost of offset will diminish over time.

Flexographic printing is a third option. It is limited to one color and tends to be expensive. It may not be a wise choice unless it fits a specific need.


  • Startup Costs
  • Reset Machinery
  • Repeat Process
  • Go Big

There are advantages to ordering in volume. This applies to custom packaging as well as other business decisions. The manufacturer only has to operate the equipment one time. Get everything in place and then produce multiple packages. Generally, if you have chosen your right custom design, it will not hurt to have extra boxes in your possession.

You also have to consider the possibility that demand may be greater than expected. The last thing a firm wants to do is run out of their special package, box, or bag. That would result in using generic packaging until more custom items arrive.

So go big and order more custom packages than you think you will need. You may be surprised. That special design and logo are the engines for increased sales and profits.

Use the lower cost per unit to your advantage. It is one sure way to lower costs over the long haul.


Logistics is all about getting that custom package to the customer in a cost effective and timely manner. That unique design will not impress anyone sitting in a warehouse. It will also be less effective when the customer is upset with the delay in delivery.

Imagine the customer saying something like “Well it finally got her so I will rip open the package.” That means they will not take the time to examine the design. The whole idea of making a first and lasting impression will be gone.

Of course, shipping costs are important. If you are losing all your profits paying delivery, you may go out of business even though your custom packaging is a big success.

Make sure the package and its shape and weight take advantage of the options offered by the shipper. A slight change in design can save money. Shipping costs vary and can change from time to time. The shipper considers how much shape the product takes up in a truck or other vehicle. Keep that in mind when selecting a box or other container.

Tips on controlling custom packaging costs can be found in numerous sources. They discuss the points made in this article. Custom packaging is essential to product enhancement. Maintaining reasonable costs is also a key part of a profitable business. As mentioned earlier, cost benefit analysis is critical in every step of the process.

Whether it’s apparel boxes, gable boxes or food and gourmet boxes, let us help you with your costs. We will strive to provide the most effective custom package at a reasonable rate without sacrificing good product design. It is all part of the process in taking custom packaging to the next level of excellence.