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Is your business packaging showing the world that you are youthful and vibrant? Or invoking a sense of peaceful calmness? Most importantly: Do the colors of your retail packaging accurately depict the messages and branding of your business to attract your target customers?

Browse the Color Psychology chart to learn descriptive meanings and emotions associated with common packaging colors.

  • Which meanings and feelings match your business, brand and customer base?
  • Do those colors, or a variation in the same color family, match your current logo and branding?

Mid-Atlantic Premier Packaging can help create coordinated packaging collections to convey the complex psychological meanings that correctly show the world and your customers what your business is all about. Choosing from a huge variety of stock packaging and custom printed options, our experienced Sales Team will help you create a packaging program that not only securely and decoratively packages your full product catalog, but also serves as walking advertising to attract customers.

Variations for solid or patterned packaging are unlimited, including: paper shopping bags, cello wrap, tissue paper, crinkle paper shred, and boxes of all sizes. Start a Packaging Collection consultation at 1-800-284-1332 or via email at