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4 Benefits of Not Customizing Shopping Bags for Your Retail Business


4 Benefits of Not Customizing Shopping Bags for Your Retail Business.pngWe may talk a lot about the benefits of ordering customizable shopping bags for your store or business, but believe it or not, there are those instances where it’s simply not yet time for you to customize your retail shopping bags. Especially in the earlier stages of your business, there’s nothing wrong with not customizing your shopping bags. Here, we’ll outline some of the reasons why you shouldn’t panic if you can’t afford or simply don’t want to customize your bags for the time being.

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How to Choose the Right Custom Shopping Bag for Your Business

How to Choose the Right Custom Shopping Bag for Your Business.png

Once you’ve decided to order custom shopping bags for your business, you’ll likely have more than a few questions about which bags you should choose, how they should look, and how they can help take your store to the next level. The truth is, customized shopping bags are a great way to spread the word about your business, and should be seen as an integral part of your marketing plan! In fact, a recent study shows that packaging is the single largest influencer in a consumer’s buying decision…

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6 Things You Have to Consider When Purchasing Your Custom Shopping Bags

6 Things You Have to Consider When Purchasing Your Custom Shopping Bags.png

Business Insider recently reported that first impressions typically only take about 7 seconds. That means you have SEVEN SECONDS to impress your customer. How can you do that? One way is through killer custom bags and packaging. When you’re ready to order customized shopping bags for your retail store, you may be so excited that you forget to look at the big picture! (Hey, we get it, and we’re here for you!) Read More

How Custom Shopping Bags Can Help Your Retail Business Stand Out from the Competition



According to recent research, a lot can happen in a couple seconds. It takes the average shopper about 2.5 seconds to decide whether or not to make a purchase. The reality is, if you wait to start influencing customers until they walk into your shop and start browsing through your racks and shelves, you’re simply not being as efficient or effective as you could be. Online shopping has made instant gratification (minus the wait for delivery time) the name of the retail game—so how can brick-and-mortar stores compete? By providing a unique, fun, and focused in-store experience that, no matter what you’re selling, just can’t be found online.

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7 of the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Shopping Bags


We know that when you’re starting a new boutique or business, you have a million different things to juggle. No, we really know…because we were there once too. MidAtlantic Packaging is home grown, and we spent hours, weeks, months, getting up and going. We started out of our home, and over 3 decades later, we’re proud of what we’ve built our brand up to. But that doesn’t mean we forget what it was like in the beginning. This is part of what makes us so successful with our customers.

We get it.

We want to take the guesswork out of ordering your customized shopping bags, so let’s get right to it. We’ve gathered and answered 7 of the most commonly asked questions we hear from our customers about customizable bags, so you can get back to business as soon as possible, with the perfect new bags to match!

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