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When it comes to packaging, you have many choices to make. One of these is to choose between rigid or flexible packaging.

Flexible packaging refers to lightweight pouches or bags that are sealed using pressure or heat. Because of their flexible nature, these packs can easily be customized or modified. Flexible packaging is quite affordable, but doesn’t offer much protection against things like perforation or compression.

Rigid packaging, on the other hand, may include things like boxes made of cardboard or plastic, glass containers or tin cans. Although they are heavier and more expensive than flexible packaging, rigid packaging does offer superior protection to the goods that are contained within.

Choosing Flexible or Rigid Packaging

Which option is right for your products? When deciding, you may want to consider key factors such as:

  • Budget: Flexible packaging generally is less costly;
  • The type of product: Flexible packaging is great for liquids and solids;
  • Perishability or Special Requirements: Improved barrier properties make flexible packaging a great choice for most products, but when protection from heat or crushing is required, then rigid packaging is ideal;
  • Shipping and Transportation Concerns: Flexible packaging can stand up to being thrown without damage occurring, but rigid containers stack more easily;
  • Branding: Highly customizable, flexible packaging can be printed any way you can imagine, though rigid packaging may give your products a high-end look;
  • Edible Products: Choose flexible packaging for its superior barrier properties; and
  • Customer Experience: Because it is easy to open and reseal, flexible packaging is popular, but rigid packaging usually is kept longer.

Why Choose Flexible Packaging?

The name really says it all. This packaging product is flexible, which means that it can be used for almost anything. Its versatility is a huge selling point, but let’s explore some more reasons why you might want to package your products in flexible materials.

The Benefits of Flexible Packaging

Here are a few of the best reasons to choose flexible packaging for your wares:

  1. Customizable
  2. Versatile
  3. More Affordable
  4. Convenient and Reusable
  5. Easy on the Environment

By examining each of these benefits in detail, you will be able to determine whether or not flexible or rigid packaging is right for your products.


No matter the size or shape of the products you are selling, flexible packaging can contain it. Moreover, it does not matter what kind of visual impression you want to make on the consumer. Flexible packaging is so highly customizable that it can look absolutely any way that you need it to.

If you are considering flexible packaging, then it is helpful to know that there are three central varieties of flexible films. These are polyvinyl chloride, polyolefin and polyethylene. Each variety has its own unique properties and characteristics that could make them ideal for your purposes. Alternatively, these materials can be combined to manufacture a multilayer film that promises upgraded barrier properties that promise a longer shelf life and better protection. It similarly is worth noting that flexible film adds a critical layer of protection against tampering.

Thanks to the customizability of flexible packaging, you can create designs that will appeal to your specific customer base. Choose from a variety of options with regard to printability, glossiness and clarity. The upshot is that you can showcase your product in a unique and eye-catching manner that will get your items noticed on crowded store shelves.

Ask a packaging professional at Mid-Atlantic Packaging about the options that are available for packaging various items like frozen foods or meat, which may require films that reduce moisture-vapor or fog. Don’t forget to check into the options for adding high-quality graphics to your packaging. With so many colors and designs from which to choose, this is the perfect opportunity to express your creativity and your brand’s identity.


What kind of flexible packaging would work the best for your products? You have many options from which to choose. For instance, do you need your packages to hang from a peg display or sit on a shelf? Is it necessary for your packaging to be able to stand up on its own?

Research and experimentation have helped packaging professionals to develop an array of flexible packaging options so that an array of product requirements can be met. Some options prioritize resistance to tears and durability while others focus on storage and safe distribution. Are you packaging food items? If so, then you may want to choose a packaging material that places an emphasis on food safety and freshness. Still other choices may better protect your products from elements in the environment like heat, light and moisture.

More and more manufacturers are choosing stand-up pouches as their preferred mode of flexible packaging. Items that have a high liquid content can be safely preserved in these pouches as they are versatile and durable.

More Affordable

Because flexible packaging is versatile and customizable, it can even help you save money. Flexible packaging can be made to exacting, precise dimensions so that there is no waste and you only ever use as much as is needed. Flexible packaging even conforms to your wares and gives you a better product-to-package ratio, which may mean that your manufacturing costs actually go down. With dynamic utilization, flexible packaging may have the power to eliminate the cost of labeling or even simplify your packaging system.

Even better, when you choose films that are especially high-quality and reliable, you may be able to phase out your use of corrugated trays or other additional items that you may currently be adding to your packaging. How much would that save your business over the course of a year?

If you haven’t been using flexible packaging film up until now, have no fear that implementing a new packaging model will be costly. Switching to flexible packaging film will save you a great deal of money when compared to using glass or plastic containers. Additionally, because flexible packaging weighs virtually nothing, you may discover that it is far less expensive to ship your wares across the nation and around the world. You even may want to consider incorporating additional layers into the design of your flexible packaging as doing so may improve production costs and make the packaging more functional. This is largely because the additional layers provide more precise control.

Keep in mind as well that technology is continuously improving. Flexible films are becoming stronger and more durable all the time. This means that you may be able to select a lighter gauge or a narrower film that will cost you less over time.

If you would like to learn more about how switching to flexible packaging can save you money, talk to Mid-Atlantic Packaging today.

Convenient and Reusable

Do your customers need to be able to access and reseal your products, perhaps several times? If so, then flexible packaging is definitely right for you. It’s easy to add attachments such as seals, spouts and zip locks to flexible packaging. Each of these openings can be conveniently resealed. In fact, many customers place an extremely high value on convenience, and your thoughtfully designed packaging may be what causes them to choose your products over those of a competitor.

Easy on the Environment

Sustainability counts with a growing segment of consumers. Many people are now basing their buying decisions at least partly on how environmentally conscious a company seems.

This is one of the best reasons to switch to flexible packaging made from polyethylene and polyolefin. Both materials are fully recyclable, and things are improving all the time. Efforts are already underway to manufacture a biodegradable, compostable plastic alternative that is durable and strong. Who knows what innovations the future may hold?

Even during the manufacturing process, flexible films are easier on the environment. Less energy is required to transport them as well, and the manufacturing process releases fewer greenhouse gases.

Is Flexible Packaging Right for Your Business?

Many brands are discovering the appeal of flexible packaging. From cost savings to being more environmentally friendly, there are many reasons to make the switch from rigid packaging.

Customizable, versatile and colorful, flexible packaging can be configured in any manner that shows off your goods to the best advantage. At the same time, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your products are safe, protected and fresh, which means that your customers are probably going to be delighted.

Call Mid-Atlantic Packaging today at (800) 284-1332. Let our professional designers help you create a flexible packaging product that offers protection, longevity and eye-catching appeal.