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According to a recent conference by the Contract Packaging Association, 64% of shoppers will buy a product off the shelf without ever having heard of it and without conducting any prior research at home. Why?

Simple: because the packaging caught their eye. If you’re a frequent reader of our blog, you probably already know how much of an influence packaging can have on your customer base – and chances are, you’ve already taken our advice and upgraded your packaging and seen the results. But why let your shopping bags stand alone, unadorned? Just because you’ve already switched up the exterior of your bags and boxes, doesn’t mean your work is done.

Let’s talk about the 5 reasons that buying tissue paper wholesale, or even just basic printed tissue, can elevate your packaging even further.

Top 5 Reasons to Buy Tissue Paper Wholesale

Reason #1: Tissue Paper Protects

It might seem intuitive, but you’d be surprised at how well even just a few extra layers of tissue paper can help prevent fragile items from breaking, not to mention the cost savings you will realize when buying tissue paper wholesale. Plus, taking care to make sure that items don’t break in transit – whether your package is going to be delivered through the mail, or if it’s just riding in the front seat of someone’s car – means the tissue almost pays for itself.

With the right protection, you won’t have to risk replacing broken items or paying to ship the same order a second time.

Reason #2: Tissue Paper Makes Bags Appear Fuller

Nothing downplays otherwise brilliant packaging, and the excitement of opening it, than when a beautiful bag looks empty. Not only can it make the whole experience a little lackluster, but it also may communicate to your clients that you don’t care much about the presentation of your products. And that’s never a good look.

Instead, pick up some wholesale tissue paper – buying in bulk saves you money and means you can avoid constantly reordering.

Reason #3: Tissue Paper Is One More Opportunity for Branding

Whether you’re a new retailer, or if you’ve been on the scene for a while, smart brands are always on the lookout for ways to reach new customers while keeping their current ones happy. One way to always keep your brand in the minds of your customers? Through the use of branding. And we mean branding everything. With customized tissue paper, you’re taking advantage of every possible way you can print your logo on your packaging. You’re also helping to build your brand’s consistency. But even if you don’t choose customized tissue paper, you can still pick up tissue paper wholesale in your store’s colors for a finished look.

Remember, in today’s competitive retail market, you need to use any branding opportunity you can, especially as it relates to your packaging.

Reason #4: Tissue Paper Makes Packaging Look Polished


It doesn’t matter if you’re going the customized route or not, adding tissue paper is an easy way to make every package look like a beautiful gift! When you think of some of the best packaging you’ve seen, you’re probably not thinking of those companies who stopped at just a custom shopping bag, right? If you stop to think about it, when it comes to packaging, it’s the attention to detail that really makes a brand stand out. Simply adding extras, like our cute hot spots printed tissue paper, is an easy way to make it look like you’re going the extra mile.

Make sure people don’t just see your “great shopping bag” – they see your packaging as, well, the whole package – now that’s something that is sure to impress.

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Reason #5: Tissue Paper Is an Easy Way to Wrap


Another reason why tissue paper is so great? It means that your customers can hand over a gift as is, right from your store! Not only does it save them time, but asking customers if you can do the gift wrapping for them also means you have shoppers in your store for a bit longer, increasing the chances of them picking up something else while they wait. For a quick way to complete the look, have gift cards on hand so your customers can write a special, personalized message to their recipient.

Trust us when we tell you that next year, when wrapping season hits, customers will remember that your store saved them time and gave them a beautiful gift to pass on.

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We hope we’ve inspired you to start rolling out your new tissue paper plans. Still have questions? Want to place an order? Get in touch with us so we can answer all your questions about purchasing tissue paper wholesale and more. And as always, keep reading our blog for more insider tips!

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