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According to the National Retail Federation, this year holiday shopping was expected to increase by 3.6%. Even though the holidays are generally a busy time of year for sales, they’re not the only time you should want to impress with your gift wrapping.

So at Mid-Atlantic Packaging, no matter what the calendar says, we’re always looking for year-round ways to excite, so your packaging can help grow your business. Though many stores offer complimentary gift wrapping for their customers only during the mad shopping dash of the holiday season, we think having a giftwrap option that wows ought to be a year-round affair!

Whether you wrap purchases with custom wrapping paper or use shopping bags, our tips and tricks are gift-ready in an instant, and they’re sure to leave your customers feeling like you care.

Read on as we bring you some of our favorite, unexpected, and unique gift wrapping ideas.

4 Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas You Can Start Using Today

1. Slip an Extra Item Underneath the Ribbon 

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One gift is exciting enough, but two? That’s even better, especially when it’s given in an unexpected way. Everyone already expects something special to be waiting inside the wrapping paper, but when you tie something to the ribbon around the box, you’re sure to wow.

Smaller, sentimental items work best for this trick. Think about sweet and unexpected bonuses, like a small seashell, an inexpensive novelty ring, a small tag with a special or inspirational quote printed on it, or even a little jingle bell that customers can tie onto their pets’ collars. The possibilities are endless, and the fact that you’re giving shoppers a “bonus” and going above and beyond the normal wrapping humdrum speaks volumes about how much you value their business. 

2. Go Natural

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No, this time we don’t mean a minimalist approach! Instead of just boring old paper and a thin ribbon, why not spruce up your gift wrapping with a little something extra? Take a walk outside and use nature for your inspiration. You don’t even have to head to your local florist to achieve this one…just look for bushes or trees around you. Find small flowers and greenery that are hearty, not too delicate. You can either press them, or use them fresh. In lieu of a bow, tie a simple flower on the top of your gift box. This works particularly well for special occasions like baptisms, confirmations, or even baby shower gifts. Get a bride excited about her upcoming ceremony by placing a flower on top of your wedding gift wrap. If you want to liven up your shopping bags, simply tie a flower onto the handle!

3. Make Your Wrapping a Gift That Keeps On Giving

Are you looking to go even further with your gift wrapping? Why not make the entire gift wrap itself reusable? If you sell small or fragile items, using dishtowels can be a fun and unexpected way to wrap purchases. Wrap up bottles of wine, a box of your store’s best cookies, or home goods in a dishtowel in your store’s colors – go a step further and customize towels with your logo for a year-round reminder of your business! Now that’s making your marketing dollars work double time! Tie the whole thing up with a festive custom printed ribbon and add a cute gift card so your customers can quickly write out a “To” and “From” on the way to their party.

4. Box It Up


Looking for a quick, no-frills (but super adorable) gift wrapping idea you can use at any time? For smaller gifts, why not pick up a few carry out container boxes for an unexpected twist? With their bright colors and sturdy handles, they’re ideal for the small-but-mighty gifts that deserve a special presentation!

Bonus Tip: Tools of the Wrapping Trade

We all know there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to find the end of the wrapping paper. If you wrap a lot of gifts for your customers, why not consider investing in a singular or revolving paper cutter roll to expedite your wrapping process and help keep things neat and organized in your store?

We hope you had as much fun reading our unique gift wrapping ideas as we did dreaming up new ways for you to impress your customers.

Have a tip of your own you’d like to share with our readers? Share your favorite way to spruce up a package!

Have an idea for a topic you’d like to see featured on our blog? We’re all ears, and we always love hearing from our readers! 

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