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The Christmas and New Year’s rush may be over…but that only means one thing…

The Valentine’s Day crowd is about to fully inhabit your jewelry store for most of January and February this year! Are you ready for the Vday rush?

If you work in the jewelry industry, you don’t need us to tell you how lucrative the holiday of love can be for your business (but if you’re taking orders, we wouldn’t hate a yellow diamond bracelet)!

In fact, according to a study conducted by the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association, in 2016 alone shoppers spent nearly $20 billion on total gifts for Valentine’s Day, with purchases of jewelry accounting for nearly 20% of the spending.

So even if the holiday season wasn’t quite as successful as you’d hoped, Valentine’s Day is certainly more than an opportunity to make up for that fact. Wondering how to have a sales-filled Valentine’s Day season in your jewelry store?

To make sure you are well prepared for Cupid and his cronies, we’ve put together this list of the types of jewelry boxes every jeweler should make sure they’ve ordered for this important day. By the end of this read, you’ll be an expert in all things-jewelry packaging boxes-related!


1) Cotton Filled Jewelry Boxes      

One of the most important things you can do for your jewelry? Protect it with a cotton insert (but more on that later). The great thing about cotton filled boxes is that there are just so many to choose from. For a bracelet, a lengthy box that prevents you from having to coil the chain or beads will work, while for a beautiful strand of freshwater pearls, a linen foil box is perfect, both in size and in style. No matter what type of box you end up choosing, consider offering complimentary gift wrap. And don’t forget to adorn your jewelry box with the perfect beautiful, festive bow!

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2) Cardboard Jewelry Boxes

Cardboard jewelry boxes are another type of box that give you a lot of options to choose from. Great for more casual pieces, they’re super affordable and the best part is these 1-piece kraft jewelry boxes are environmentally sound. Some of our other favorite options? We just love the sleek, matte solid color boxes. And we’re totally smitten with this soft lilac box – great for holding a statement necklace.

3) Jewelry Pouches

OK, so they’re not technically jewelry boxes – but trust us, they do an amazing job at presenting your pieces. Plus, customers often reuse jewelry pouches when they’re traveling or storing their favorite pieces. Choose from a semi-sheer, lightweight colored organza option in a shade like pink or deep red, or go with a more luxurious look by selecting one of our velvet pouches. Remind your customers to roll up a love note and slip it inside!

4) Luxe Ribbon Jewelry Boxes

Nothing says “wow…is this something special!” like a little box with a sweet satin ribbon! That’s just one of the reasons why we love our luxe ribbon boxes. Elegant, chic, and with just the right touch of sexy, these jewelry boxes are designed to stand up against a longer shipping process – or just a long dinner in someone’s pocket! When the sweet tiny bow is untied and the box is opened, the bling is displayed perfectly in the center of the box. Best of all, it’s even easier to grab right out of the box when a thrilled recipient is saying yes or jumping with joy!

**Bonus Section**

Jewelry Box Accessories

Sure, jewelry packaging supplies may not actually be the boxes themselves, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t double-check your list to make sure you have everything you need on hand to really make your packaging pop! Purchasing some extra cotton inserts helps prevent jewelry pieces from sliding around in the box, potentially scratching some of the stones (every customer’s worst nightmare). Plus, they make the jewelry box appear totally full, meaning that when that very special box is opened, the piece will be front and center for an elegant look!

Also, if you haven’t stocked up recently, now is the perfect time to order more delicate, smaller jewelry price tags. No one likes having a number glare at them when they’re browsing your jewelry case, so these discreet tags keep that number between you and your customer.

Now that you know the types of jewelry boxes you need, and the reasons why you should order them, we’re curious: what other packaging questions do you have for us? We are always wondering what topics our readers would like to see explored on our blog. Got an idea? Want to write to us? Ready to send us pictures of your Valentine’s Day jewelry packaging? We’re open to it all – just make sure you keep reading the blog – our tips and tricks and insights are designed to strengthen your business and set you apart from your competition.