4 Types of Reusable Shopping Bags That Are Eco-Friendly

4 Types of Reusable Shopping Bags That Are Eco-Friendly

4 Types of Reusable Shopping Bags That Are Eco-Friendly.png

A recent study by the Contract Packaging Association tells us that, among big-spending clients, eco-friendly packaging is the “most highly regarded” type of packaging out there.

That same study also states that an astounding 86% of shoppers want companies to increase package recycling.

The lesson?

If you haven’t taken sustainability into consideration when evaluating your packaging, now might be a good time to start. Whether you’re shipping something in a durable corrugated box, or wrapping items in custom shopping bags, you need to start evaluating the environmental impact of your packaging – because your customers expect it.

Unsure of where or how to start? Don’t worry, we’re here to lay it all out for you. In this post, we’ll show you some of our favorite eco-friendly and reusable shopping bags.

Reusable Cotton and Canvas Bags

bags_cotton_bags.jpgIt’s a win-win when you come up with a bag that can:

  • help to increase customer loyalty
  • build your brand
  • lower your environmental impact
  • and make your customers actually want to reuse it

If it sounds too good to be true, it actually isn’t – because we’re talking about awesome reusable shopping tote options like our reusable cotton and canvas bags. Think about how many times you yourself have actually grabbed one of the cute reusable shopping bags you’ve gotten for free or for a few dollars at a local store. You might have used it to pack picnic supplies, as a last-minute overnight bag, or to help your kids carry extra books to class…but it doesn’t even matter how or where you used it… the point is, how many people saw you carrying it, right?

Sure, these bags may initially be a bit more expensive than their paper or plastic counterparts, but the free advertising they offer might just mean they end up paying for themselves in the long run. 

Backpack Bags

bags_nonwoven_backpack_1.jpgBack-to-school may be over, but we’re always looking for new and exciting ways to package your products! It doesn’t have to be August for your store to stock up on some of our non-woven backpack bags. Backpacks help to more evenly distribute the weight of heavier loads, and unlike bags, which can sometimes be inadvertently turned around when carrying so your logo is hidden, backpack bags mean your logo and store name can be prominently read every time they’re used. Non-woven backpack bags are great for outdoor stores, shops selling school or art supplies, or sports warehouses. Shoppers can take these bags out of the store and right to the park, practice, rehearsal, or school! That way, you’re advertising right to your target market without even trying.

Recycled Duet Shopping Bags

There’s nothing wrong with getting back to the basics, especially in our over-stimulated, over-the-top retail world. That’s why we especially love our recycled duet shopper, complete with a twisted handle and dusted in a soothing off-white shade. You can always jazz these up by adding a few festive ribbons and bows.  

Recycled Print Kraft Bags

bags_kensington_plaid.jpgWe’re so over the ridiculous rumor that just because something is made from recycled materials it can’t be cute. Here to disprove that myth once and for all is one of our favorite – and ultra-chic – shopping bags.

With its masculine feel, we can’t stop obsessing over our Kensington plaid recycled shoppers, ideal for stashing slippers, tools, or a pair of dress socks in. These bags are also great options for stores that aren’t yet looking to go the customized route, but who still want superior packaging options for their customers.

Bonus tip: pick up a few orders of color-coordinated tissue paper to complete the look of your packaging and to protect your products!

Now that you know just how many fabulous options there are to help protect our environment while improving your store’s packaging, it’s time for you to stock up!

Looking for more tips on how you can lower your environmental impact? Want to learn more about which reusable grocery bag or bulk reusable shopping bags are best for brands with a strong commitment to Mother Earth? Keep checking back here, where we’re covering every aspect of the packaging industry.


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