6 Types of Apparel Gift Boxes You Can Buy Wholesale

6 Types of Apparel Gift Boxes You Can Buy Wholesale

6 Types of Apparel Gift Boxes You Can Buy Wholesale.png

Even though we frequently write about (and are known for) our custom packaging, we’re about more than just printed bags . So let’s take a break from our normal conversations surrounding custom shopping bags and talk about the variety of apparel gift boxes wholesale you can purchase from us.

Did you read that right? Yep – it’s true. Wholesale. Read on to find out which style of apparel boxes best suits your brand, your merchandise, and your target market!

6 Types of Wholesal Apparel Gift Boxes You Need to Consider

boxes_2_piece_apparel.jpgThe Apparel Boxes Your Customers Can Reuse

We love the durability of our 2-piece folding set-up boxes. The lid fits compactly and snugly onto the bottom of the box, so you can be certain that the top is secure and won’t open or let your items fall out in transit. Plus, this box can be easily stuffed with customized tissue paper or fancy filler. It’s strong enough to last more than one use, saving time and money while helping out the environment in the process.

The Apparel Gift Box for the Hipster Fashion Addict Customer

According to data analyzed at a recent Contract Packaging Association Conference, 59% of consumers under 45 would prefer that their packaging be sleek and “cool,” before it’s functional or even eco-friendly. What does this mean? Simple: if you’re catering to a younger, more image-conscious clientele, you should have at least some apparel boxes in your wheelhouse that are Instagram-ready. We think our metallic-colored kraft apparel boxes fit the bill just perfectly.

Bonus Tip: To really stand out, include a personalized promotional marketing insert with the shopper’s first name, thanking them for their purchase and inviting them to upload a photo of themselves styling their purchase with a relevant hashtag (don’t forget the hashtag so you can track the posts…be sure to create something somewhat unique so you’re not looking at a tag with thousands of posts). You could even make it a contest, with the winner getting a small percentage off their next order.

boxes_apparel_matte_kraft.jpgThe Apparel Box for Customers Who Love to Get Festive

It’s always fun to use themed packaging that works for the time of year, and our matte colors on kraft apparel boxes come in multiple colors, so whether you’re looking for red boxes for Valentine’s Day, or green boxes for St. Patty’s Day, you’ll find what you need at Mid-Atlantic Packaging! Don’t forget the card and a bow!

The Apparel Box for Customers Who Like a Little Shine

Every season can be the perfect reason for a little extra sparkle! Our shiny – but not over-the-top – glossy white apparel boxes are perfect for those wanting to communicate a message of tradition. We love the idea of adding a logo sticker onto the box – and it’s so easy to add a bright ribbon for birthdays or for when a gift is for a special occasion. Keep in mind that as with almost all of our box offerings, these are available in a variety of dimensions.

The Apparel Box for the Low Key Customer

boxes_economy_apparel_1.jpgSometimes, our affordable, yet still highly durable and lovely, economy white apparel boxes are the perfect blank canvas for your packaging needs. Easily customizable and super versatile, these classic boxes are a Mid-Atlantic fave. With interlocking corners that fold for a secure fit, you can still give your customers the best without breaking the bank.

The Apparel Box for the Nature-Friendly Customer

If your store is geared more towards the outdoorsy clientele, we suggest picking up a few orders of our natural kraft apparel boxes. Available in a shade reminiscent of a barley field, these simple understated boxes are sure to please clients who are way more focused on the experiences they’ll have using your products than they are on the box they came in. Show that you know your customers well by sticking with this minimalist approach.

Now that we’ve gone beyond custom packaging and into the perhaps surprisingly competitive world of apparel boxes wholesale, we’d love to ask our readers: what other types of boxes would you like to see explored on our blog? Gift boxes, industry-specific packaging options, or even the ins and outs of jewelry boxes? Let us know what you’d like to learn more about, and we’ll consider creating a post answering your questions. Remember, chances are you’re not the only one who is curious!

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