The Gift Shop’s Complete Valentine’s Day Packaging Checklist

The Gift Shop’s Complete Valentine’s Day Packaging Checklist

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Your calendar never lies: it’s true. You’ve barely made it through the December holiday rush and now it’s time for Valentine’s Day. Have you even thought about how to prepare your gift shop business for the day of hearts? We get it: it’s the continuation of a stressful (but remember: potentially very profitable) time of year!

Don’t worry…take a deep breath: at Mid-Atlantic Packaging, we may not be able to set you up with the perfect date for Valentine’s Day, but we can definitely make taking care of your packaging needs just a little bit easier.

According to data gathered by, total gift spending on the day of hearts will hit somewhere close to $20 billion [insert long, slow whistle here]. That means it’s more than likely your store’s foot traffic will skyrocket, too. Are you ready?! Well we are, so we put together this Complete Valentine’s Day Packaging Checklist to make sure you don’t leave anything out! 

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This Valentine’s Day, you will need…

 Valentine’s Day Wrapping Paper

Everyone loves the idea of getting a little something extra special on V-Day, and your packaging should reflect that. Are you offering complimentary giftwrap to your clients? Be sure to pick up some sweet Valentine’s wrapping paper that’s sure to get everyone in the mood! Let’s face it: not everyone is gifted with the ability to perfectly wrap a present, so you’ll be saving your shoppers both time and potential embarrassment.

Pro Tip: Make sure you’ve ordered a few different styles, so your customers have options.

Gift Ribbons and Gift Bows

Of course, if you’re planning on offering complimentary gift wrap, you’re going to want to pull out all the stops. This means making sure you have a variety of ribbons and bows to add the perfect final touches to your already-awesome packaging. We love this elegant double face satin ribbon to wrap around your boxes, or maybe you might enjoy popping the super cute and appropriately pink feather boa bow on a gift bag!

Pro Tip: Remember, this holiday, there is no such thing as too much! Don’t be afraid to get a little more decked out than you usually do with your wrapping. ‘Tis the Season for grand gestures, after all.

Gift Packaging Boxes

Of course, you can’t wrap or tie up something if you don’t have the perfect boxes for your gift packaging! We love the idea of these sheer paneled paper gift boxes – the windows are perfect so the gift recipient can get a little peek of what’s inside! 

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to make sure your boxes are durable enough to hold your items – and don’t buy unnecessarily heavy-duty boxes for smaller, lightweight items!

Gift Basket Supplies

If you’ve decided to make your customers’ lives a little bit easier by offering Valentine Gift Baskets from your shop, you know the presentation is super important. To start, make sure you’ve picked up some gift basket filler, as there’s nothing worse than a sparse-looking basket. You also may want some red heart cello gift bags so you can individually wrap each item in the basket, which helps to make it appear fuller while giving a cute pop of color. Finally, don’t forget to go ahead and restock on some more wholesale gift bags and tissue paper to cushion and lift the items in the basket.

Pro Tip: If you’re already ordering, save yourself another shipping cost and get what you need for the next few months now! We know your customers will love the convenience of your gift baskets. 

Gift Card Boxes 

Last but not least, you already know that gift cards are one of the most popular items for a gift shop, and they definitely take the pressure off having to find that perfect gift. Make sure your gift card presentation is just as fabulous as everything else by ordering some gift card boxes this year.

Pro Tip: Especially for customers who aren’t sure about what to get, gift cards can offer a huge sigh of relief. 

Now that you’re all set on your gift packaging supplies for your store and are ready for gift-buying-gate round 2, we want you to share your final products with us! We love seeing what our readers come up with, so please send us pictures of your Valentine’s Day packaging – you may be featured on our Twitter or Instagram!



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