4 Types of Packaging Every Gift Shop Must Have This Valentine’s Day

4 Types of Packaging Every Gift Shop Must Have This Valentine’s Day

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As a gift shop owner, you’ve likely already given a lot of thought to how you package your products. And if you’re like most business owners, the fact that your store may sell items in all different shapes, sizes, weights, and price points means that you may need a little packaging variety to make sure all your items get home with your customers safely.

Still, sometimes you can get so caught up in your packaging strategy and ordering process that you forget to take a little extra time to reevaluate and plan for upcoming seasons.

Like right now…have you thought about Valentine’s Day yet? If not, maybe this will be the push you need to start planning:

…according to data gathered by MarketResarch.com, Valentine’s Day can mean big business for little stores. In fact, $13.2 billion is generated from Valentine’s Day alone, with the average shopper spending nearly $150 on their sweetheart.

To make sure you’re totally ready for the holiday, and that you don’t miss out on this potentially huge sales opp, we’ve put together a handy list of the most important packaging items you’ve got to have! Ready? So are we!

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4 Types of Packaging Every Gift Shop Must Have This Valentine’s Day

1) Gift Ribbons and Gift Bows

We’re starting off with the last detail first! Though ribbons and bows may not always be seen as essential in everyday packaging, when it comes time for the holidays, these finishing touches are a must-have. We recommend going with a festive, fun option that will accent your packages while keeping in theme with the holiday.

Presenting your products to your clients ready-wrapped doesn’t just show how much you appreciate them – these details mean customers walk away ready to give their special someone a gift straight from your store. Your last-minute shoppers with thank you for sure!

2) Gift Card Boxes

With such an awesome variety of options to buy in your store, it can be hard for some shoppers to make a decision! Plus, going with a gift card can help make sure that a client’s significant other gets a gift they’ll actually use. With that in mind, make sure that the gift card feels just as special as everything else in your store by picking up some cute and festive gift card boxes.

Gift card boxes can help make sure cards don’t get lost and that they look cute. The bonus of a gift card is you’ll get a shopper spending in your store who may have never have come in otherwise.

3) Other Gift Packaging Supplies

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, remember to pick up a few more aspects of gift packaging than you may normally keep on hand – especially if you’ve decided to offer the option to buy gift baskets this year. You want to make sure your basket will pop by grabbing some bright, patterned wholesale gift bags and tissue paper to use as filler in your baskets. Our cute red hearts cello bags let you individually wrap each of the items in the basket, making it a more fun unwrapping process. And tissue paper helps to cushion and protect items. Be sure you’re all stocked up on gift basket filler like our crinkle cut mylar blend as well. 

4) Gift Packaging Boxes

Finally, it goes without saying that boxes are a crucial item to have on hand when it comes to planning your V-Day packaging! We offer a variety of giftware boxes designed to work with virtually every type of product you sell.

We love the versatility of our kraft giftware boxes, which offer an eco-friendly touch and can be customized with your store’s logo. As an added bonus, we recommend you think about sticking a little something extra into boxes as a way to interact with your customers even after they leave your store. This way, you can keep them coming back through your shop’s doors! Small, themed gifts like heart pencils, tissue paper flowers, even a coupon or a “Valentine” from your shop can really make a client feel valued. Plus, it’s a great way to clear excess stock while building brand loyalty.

We hope you’ve found this list of your Valentine packaging essentials helpful. No matter how you plan to celebrate the holiday this season, make sure your shop is ready for the business boom the holiday of hearts can so often bring. We would love to see your store’s boxes and bows in action – send us some pictures and you could be featured on our Instagram!



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