The 6 Types of Packaging Every Retailer Must Have This Valentine’s Day

The 6 Types of Packaging Every Retailer Must Have This Valentine’s Day

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Just because Christmas, Hanukah, New Year’s, and that one Aunt’s birthday you always seem to forget are over, doesn’t mean it’s time for a break just yet!

No matter what industry you’re in, never underestimate just how much Valentine’s Day can do to boost your profits. If the December holiday season didn’t quite bring in as much as you’d hoped, perhaps Valentine’s Day sales can pick up some of the slack!

Not so sure? Did you know that the average person spends $146.81 shopping for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Think about how much that could do for your shop – especially if you’re able to win the loyalty of customers who come into your store for the first time because of the holiday.

One way to keep shoppers coming back? Scrutinize every aspect of your customers’ shopping experience, including paying close attention to how you present your merchandise to them…yes, we’re talking about your packaging strategy.

In this post, we’ll break down the 6 types of packaging products you need to help you get out of the red on the day of red. 

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#1. Valentine’s Day Gift Bags

Everyone loves an excuse to add a little extra festivity to their lives, so make sure you’re giving your customers the chance to do the same. These heart cello bags are perfect for holding accessories and smaller lightweight items, or even for wrapping up gifts you may include if you’re giving your shoppers the option of ordering a gift basket. For larger items, check out these gorgeous pink frosted plastic bags, with heavy-duty handles that can easily support the slightly heavier items in your shop!

#2. Something to Tie the Knot

Hey, even if he or she isn’t quite ready to tie the knot in the traditional way just yet, at least make sure you’re offering the best in holiday gift ribbons – you can’t go wrong with grosgrain ribbon in a gorgeous hue to match the season. If ribbon is too much for you to take on? Check out our selection of glitter perfect bows! Nobody has ever regretted an enormous red bow! Bonus tip: Slip a small tissue paper flower in between the ribbon and the package for a sweet touch your customers are sure to love.  

#3. Valentine’s Day Wrapping Paper

Of course, no holiday packaging shopping spree is complete without the necessary themed and festive wrapping paper! We love the whimsical look of our scrolled hearts paper for your hippest customers, and for the customers who can’t get enough of the “cute,” check out this classic sweet Vday wrapping paper. Don’t forget to tie it all up with a matching bow, and seal it with a kiss!

#4. Gift Packaging Boxes

When it comes to seasonal gift wrap, you can sometimes get so caught up in all the excitement that you forget to restock on your everyday items! But, it’s also a great time to reevaluate what you’re using currently. If you’re a clothing retailer, you know that you may not always need heavy-duty retail boxes to properly protect your merchandise. Have you considered going with a lighter option like our gloss white apparel boxes? We also suggest adding a special message inside your boxes to help connect with the recipient of the gift. It shows that even if they didn’t come into your store, you’re still thinking about them!

#5. Gift Card Boxes

Let’s face it: after they’ve had to stress out trying to find the perfect December gift for their sweetheart, some of your customers are just going to want a break from the guesswork of once again trying to find exactly what their sweet someone wants this year. Enter: the generous yet stress-free gift card. Gift cards are a great way to make sure customers make repeat visits to your store. But remember, just because this gift isn’t the most labor intensive of items, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have a wow factor to its wrapping! Picking up a cute, pop-up gift card holder allows shoppers to write their own romantic messages.

#6. Something Customized!

Think about it: this holiday season is the perfect time to debut a new design, reveal a new logo, or finally invest in some customized gift packaging for your store. Not only will more eyes see your new packaging during this busier-than-normal time of year, but custom packaging also means that those who receive the gift will know exactly where to go the next time they need the perfect gift! Now that’s effective timing, packaging, and advertising, all in one swoop.

Now that you’ve totally formulated your packaging plan of attack, it’s time to sit back, wait for Valentine’s Day, and maybe even eat a piece of chocolate or two…come on, you deserve it!



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