The Retailer’s Complete Valentine’s Day Packaging Checklist: The Top 10 Items You MUST Have!

The Retailer’s Complete Valentine’s Day Packaging Checklist: The Top 10 Items You MUST Have!

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Even in the wake of the Great Holiday Shopping Rush, smart retailers know it’s always best to keep an eye on the calendar at all times. Are you ready for Valentine’s Day?

If you feel like you barely made it through the mad rush known as December, and like you’re on the less-prepared side of things now that V-Day is fast-approaching, let’s make sure you’re as ready as possible and start your retail packaging planning for the Holiday of Love!

According to data gathered by the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association, Valentine’s Day spending is set to hit almost $20 billion in 2016.

Yes, you read that right. $20. Billion.

And while flowers and chocolates will always top the list, this year clothing has also earned a spot as one of the top gifts given on the holiday, accounting for almost 15% of those $20 billion in sales. That means people are going to be spending $3 billion this Valentine’s Day on clothing. So, while that number is incredibly motivating for retailers like you, it also means that being on top of your game so that customers come to your store, not your competitor’s, is key. If you’ve been a reader of our blog for a while, you know that investing in the right packaging can make all the difference.

To help streamline your business plan and make sure you get the most out of this holiday, we’ve prepared this checklist for you, so you can tick off everything you need to handle when it comes to getting your packaging needs in place for Valentine’s Day.

This Valentine’s Day, You Will Need….

1. Seasonal Gift Wrap

hr2413624.jpgTo start things off right, make sure you’re stocking up on everything you need! Seasonal gift wrap includes everything from heart-printed wrapping paper to gift bags to blank gift cards your customers can fill out (love poetry sadly not included). If you’re offering customers the chance to order gift baskets (a great idea to take the pressure off) don’t forget to pick up gift basket supplies as well!

2. Frilly Gift Bows

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, there is simply no such thing as being too over-the-top. After all, has anyone ever been accused of doing too much for their special someone on the day of love? We think not. That’s why we suggest you take advantage of every opportunity to take your packaging to the next level! To top off your boxes and bags, add a special pom bow to your package, or try some of our glitter tulle for a fun, whimsical touch! Oh la la!

3. Gift Card Boxes

Sometimes, gift cards are just the safest option when shopping for the one you love. If your customer is in a new relationship, they may not want to blow it by giving the wrong thing, and if they’ve been coupled up for a long time, their partner may have just insisted they stop trying to get it right this year. But gift cards don’t have to be impersonal and boring…add to the excitement and give a personal touch with cute gift card boxes with sweet ribbon ties to keep things festive!

4. Valentine’s Day Wrapping Paper

This Valentine’s Day season, you know you’ll usually be wrapping up gifts for your customers! To make the best impression, give your customers at least a few different options of Valentine’s Day gift wrap to choose from. We love our scrolled hearts and heart lattice gift wrap.

5. Gift Ribbons

Of course, no gift is complete without a gorgeous, elegant ribbon as the final touch! For smaller items, or if you’re going for a more naturalista look, try tying packages with red and white bakers twine (maybe even slip a piece of chocolate into the bag or box for an extra surprise). For a flirty and fun option, try a red and white polka-dotted ribbon!

6. Valentine’s Day Gift Bags

bags_tint_on_white_bright_1.jpgWhile paper gift bags with handles are great, don’t forget about the accessories or smaller items in your shop – pick up some themed cello gift bags to make your packaging pop! Don’t be afraid to get into the spirit of the season and show your customers you’re all about having fun when it comes to celebrating. We love bags with lip prints, swirled hearts, and Valentine patterns!

7. Glittery Gift Packaging

Be sure your apparel boxes have an extra touch of glamour, too! We recommend metallic-tinted apparel boxes for a little extra shine. Lightweight, easy to open, and even easier for you to store, these look especially great when tied with a gigantic red ribbon. For an extra special touch, why not place a tiny flower (or better yet, a coupon off for their next purchase) into the box

8. Gorgeous Gift Packaging Boxes

If you’re an online retailer, or if you’re just shipping an item to a faraway customer, you want to make sure that your product arrives safely and in style! One way to do this? By selecting heavy-duty decorative corrugated boxes in a sleek, fun print. Ideal for customers who are buying either heavier or multiple items, paying attention to how your products are packaged even when your store and your shopper are in a Long Distance Relationship is key!

9. Tissue Papertpch_1.jpg

Not only can tissue paper help prevent clothes and items from wrinkling and jostling around too much inside a box, it’s also a beautiful addition to any holiday packaging, from birthdays to baby showers, and everything in between. Everyone loves having the chance to do an extra “unwrapping” step! Go with a custom printed option, a fun heart-themed print, or simply layer red, white, and pink solid sheets.

10. Your Sanity

Last but not least, don’t forget to take care of yourself! We know the holidays, especially the ones like high-pressure Valentine’s Day, where your customers may be extra anxious about getting the perfect gift for their sweetheart, can mean added stress for you. Our advice? Take a breath, and try to focus on presenting your products in the best possible light. We’d love to see some of your Valentine’s packaging ideas in action, so as always, feel free to send us some of your photos! This year, make sure the season of love includes everyone loving your packaging!

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