7 Types of Boxes You Should Consider for Your Business

7 Types of Boxes You Should Consider for Your Business

7 Types of Boxes You Should Consider for Your Business (2).png

When it comes to picking the right box for your products, there are countless factors to consider. You need to evaluate things like durability, branding, graphics, size and shape, what text you’re going to print, and so much more.

But before you get into any of those specifics, you need to decide on the most important aspect: what kind of box is best for your products.

We thought we could fill you in on the various types of boxes you can choose from, which industry and products they best serve, and give you everything you need to know to make an informed decision to protect the integrity of both your brand and your products.

Keep It Functional

According to the 2016 WestRock Packaging Matters study, 60% of customers will buy a product again because they found packaging intuitive and easy-to-use. But keep in mind that just because a box is functional, doesn’t mean that it has to be bland and basic. So, what box is right for you?shipping_pointsettia_corrugated.jpg

Box Type #1: Decorative Corrugated Boxes – Our decorative corrugated boxes protect heavier and perishable items with ease – and they look good doing it. Corrugated boxes are sturdier than regular boxes because they are made with extra, fluted layers of cardboard. They’re often used as shipping boxes, as well as for stacking in warehouses and on store shelves. And when it comes to ease of opening, corrugated boxes take the cake. Typically, they’re made from interlocking panels that fit tightly into their folds while allowing for quick access. We have tinted corrugated wine boxes available in patterned or solid colors to ensure precious cargo doesn’t shatter in the shipping process. We offer decorative corrugated boxes designed to ship jams and other food items, beauty products, and even extra fragile items like picture frames and mugs. We even offer decorative Christmas boxes, so you can ship your Christmas cookies safely across the globe!

Keep It Specific

In some cases, boxes are designed for a specific and obvious purpose, helping to take the guesswork out of finding the right fit!

boxes_apparel_matte_kraft.jpgBox Type #2: Apparel Boxes – Our apparel boxes protect and cushion clothing without adding extra, unnecessary packaging weight. To make sure the lid stays secure, depending on the item, we offer 2-piece boxes and those that fold and interlock into themselves. We’re totally obsessed with our matte apparel boxes, available in eight sleek colors. We even have hat boxes for those items that require some extra care when it comes to packaging.

Box Type #3: Food and Gourmet Boxes – Selling olive oils, specialty food items, or other perishable goods? Check out our awesome selection of food and gourmet boxes, available with sheer panels to show off what’s inside. These boxes are cute enough to serve as gift wrap, or they can be easily jazzed up with bows and vibrant gift tags. Best of all? Some options even come with handles, to make things a little easier on both the gift giver and the receiver!

Protect Fragile Items

Box Type #4: Flower Boxes – If you carry flowers or plants, specially-designed flower boxes and garden trays ensure that the giftbasket_florist_boxes.jpggorgeous greenery arrives looking as fresh as it did the day it was plucked from the field.   

Box Type #5: Cotton-Lined Jewelry Boxes – For shipping or packaging jewelry, aka: everyone’s favorite gift, we offer a wide variety of pouches and cotton-lined jewelry boxes. Cotton prevents jewelry from sliding around in the box, so it’s not only protected from scratches, but also so that when the box is opened, the jewelry is laying perfectly on display!

Box Type #6: Gift Card Boxes – Sending a gift card and afraid it might get lost or accidentally overlooked? We have gift card boxes in multiple prints and colors to make sure that cards arrive safely and in style. You might even want to include some confetti or a packaging insert to tell customers more about how they can spend the money on the card!

Locked and Loaded

Box Type #7: Gable Boxes – Finally, sometimes, making sure that your boxes are securely closed and easy to handle is the most important thing. Our gable boxes do it all, and even lock into a handle for easy transportation! The same goes for our super-convenient folded pouch boxes, some of which have a cut handle at the top of the package to make carrying a snap.

At Mid-Atlantic Packaging, we cover all your needs, whether you’re in search of sturdy shipping boxes or customizable shopping bags. For more tips and tricks of the trade, keep reading our blog. Want to be featured? Send us a snap of your custom shopping bags and boxes and you may just see your name in lights…or, at least on our blog.



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