12 Ways to Use Promotional Marketing Inserts to Increase Customer Loyalty and Revenue

12 Ways to Use Promotional Marketing Inserts to Increase Customer Loyalty and Revenue

12 Ways to Use Promotional Marketing Inserts to Increase Customer Loyalty and Revenue.png

According to the 2016 WestRock Packaging Matters study, only 11% of customers are totally satisfied with the packaging of the products they’re buying. This means that a potential 89% of your customers may not be that into you…or, they’re just not that into your packaging.

While this says a lot about just how many businesses are completely underestimating how much fabulous packaging can influence overall customer satisfaction, it also tells smart retailers how they can get a leg up on their competitors.
Sure, designing and ordering customized shopping bags to boost your packaging game is important, but how can you really take your packaging to the next level? Since, according to the same study, 41% of shoppers will buy a product again because they liked the packaging, you need to explore multiple avenues when it comes to your overall packaging effort.

How can you keep your name in your customers’ heads, and get them back in the door?

Through the use of extra details, like promotional marketing inserts. Let’s talk a little bit more about promotional inserts – what they are, why they matter, and how can you create your own killer inserts.

What Are Promotional Marketing Inserts?

In the most basic terms, a promotional insert is extra information you add to a package or shopping bag, with the goal of further connecting to your customers. Everyone loves a surprise, and a promotional insert is an unexpected way of giving your customers more than just their purchase – a move that will make them feel valued and eager to shop with you again.

Why You Should Include Inserts in Your Packaging

First of all, promotional inserts are increDepositphotos_65558617_original.jpgdibly affordable. They can be as effective as full-scale advertisements and social media posts when it comes to getting repeat customers, but for a fraction of the cost and time.

Even online retailers can benefit from inserts. If you’re already spending the money to ship products to your customers, why not make the most of that expense by including an insert, as opposed to doing a more expensive mailing later? Not to mention, inserts specifically target shoppers who you know already love your brand, and since it’s easier to keep current customers than it is to get new ones, loyalty can make a difference.

How to Use Promotional Inserts to Increase Your Value and Customer Loyalty

Including a promotional insert inside your shopping bags and packaging elevates your customers’ overall experience. And consider this: these inserts are the perfect opportunity to communicate directly with some of your most valuable clients.

So, how can you use an insert? Check out these 12 fun and creative ways you can increase customer loyalty (and, did we mention…revenue) through inserts.

12 Examples of Promotional Inserts You Have to Consider

  1. A comment card – inserts are a great way to get customer feedback.
  2. A personalized note saying thank you – because everyone likes to feel appreciated.
  3. A coupon for a percentage off on a future purchasebonus: you get them back in your store!
  4. A reminder about an upcoming sale or in-store event – make the most of your specials and sales.
  5. A sample of a new product you’ve begun stocking – couple your marketing promotions on social media with inserts to make sure the word is out there.
  6. A targeted feedback card to learn what your customers like and don’t like about a specific aspect of your brand or store – knowledge is power and you want to have a powerful relationship with your customers.
  7. An invite for customers to connect with you, so you can expand your reach on social media – social media has the power to really make a brand known. Take advantage!
  8. A QR code or a URL to a link to an online survey, with the promise of a discount code once it’s completed – sometimes knowing what people don’t like is as important as knowing what they love. Give your customers a platform to give feedback.
  9. A discount on a future purchase if a customer agrees to write a review of your product or store on a service like Yelp – these days, consumers are savvy. They research before they shop. Reviews can seal the deal for many shoppers.
  10. An announcement about a social contest – social posts that your customers upload are a great and fun way to engage shoppers. Be sure to include a unique hashtag so you can find the posts. Bonus: you can do a little social recon and learn more about what your customers would be most likely to buy. How? So easy! Once customers post, you can connect with them and see what they like!
  11. A cute printed card that tells the story of your company – everyone loves a feel-good story. And connecting with customers on a personal level increases brand loyalty. Winning!
  12. Ideas on how your customers can use your product – recipe cards, wine pairings, poems to include with a gift, the possibilities are literally endless.

Promotional marking inserts offer a million different ways to connect with your customers – you just have to choose what you want to say.

At Mid-Atlantic Packaging, we’re committed to doing the research, distilling and evaluating the current industry trends, and beating your competitor to the punch when it comes to the next big thing in packaging. We work tirelessly at what we love so you can give your customer the best experience with your product from start to finish. We’d love to see the results! Send us pictures of your packaging, and you might be featured in our next blog post.



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