6 Things You Have to Consider When Purchasing Your Custom Shopping Bags

6 Things You Have to Consider When Purchasing Your Custom Shopping Bags

6 Things You Have to Consider When Purchasing Your Custom Shopping Bags.png

Business Insider recently reported that first impressions typically only take about 7 seconds. That means you have SEVEN SECONDS to impress your customer. How can you do that? One way is through killer custom bags and packaging. When you’re ready to order customized shopping bags for your retail store, you may be so excited that you forget to look at the big picture! (Hey, we get it, and we’re here for you!)

6 Top Considerations to Purchasing Custom Shopping Bags

To help you make sure you don’t forget any part of the process, we’ve created this list of commonly overlooked “to-dos” and things to keep in mind before you place your custom shopping bag order for your retail shop or boutique.

#1. The Cost

cost-benefit.jpgLet’s be honest: there’s no way you’re going to not consider this aspect of your custom shopping bags. We know you’ve already looked at what custom bags may cost you…but have you actually done a thorough analysis of the cost-effectiveness of your shopping bag order? Depending on the type of bag, level of customization, and whether or not this is a first-time order or simply a re-print of your usual design, it may be more cost-effective to place a larger order, rather than several smaller orders throughout the year. Of course, this depends on several things such as your storage space and shipping costs.

#2. The Minimum Order Quantity

You always need to make sure you’re aware of how many bags you’re ordering and what your vendor’s minimum quantity order is. Most packaging retailers have a minimum, whether it’s in an actual dollar amount or in a number of bags.  

#3. The Cost and Number of Printing Plates

Printing plates contain your design, and they’re used to create your custom shopping bag. So, when you place an order for a custom retail bag, you’ll need to keep in mind that, at least for your first order, you’ll likely be paying a one-time cost for the creation of your custom plates as well. If you have one design you stick with year-round, you won’t need as many as those who love to switch up their bag designs with the seasons. And if you’re changing vendors, ask if you have to pay this fee at all…some companies will waive the plate fee as an incentive for switching.

#4. The Artistic Design

The artistic flair you add to your bags could be as simple as ordering custom shopping bags with logo prints on a solid colored, natural kraft paper shopping bags, or white shopping bags. Or, it could be as complicated as completely overhauling your old design, changing your font, printing photographs or artwork on your bags, or more. Regardless of what your design choice or aesthetic, make sure your custom printed bags are consistent with your brand messaging. You don’t want your bags to look or feel different than other places you have brand presence, like on your social media accounts. And if you are going through a rebranding, it may be worth it to find someone with industry experience who knows how to elevate your brand through great design.

#5. The Length and Cost of the Re-Ordering Process

Be sure to check on whether or not the bags you want are currently in stock, and if they aren’t, you should find out how long it will be before they’re available again. Ask when your order will be shipped and be sure to find out how much the shipping process will cost you. Of course, if you’re ordering for the first time, you’ll need to know which payment methods are accepted. Re-ordering, since existing plates will be used, may take less time to arrive than your initial order – but that doesn’t mean you should wait until the last minute! (But sometimes, it happens, and if you are caught in a last-minute scenario, be sure to ask about rush shipping, which is usually available for a fee).  

#6. Advice from The Pros

Last but not least, don’t forget to lean on the professionals! You packaging company is there to help you! They should be more than happy to help out and make sure the bag you’ve selected is durable enough for the merchandise you sell. They should also be able to set your mind at ease by sharing a digital proof of your design, so you can feel confident that what you’re getting is exactly what you want.

If you need help with inspiration or design ideas, scour the web, look at Pinterest for ideas, and don’t be afraid to ask around. Use the resources available to you – there are plenty out there!

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