3 Things You Should Know About Selecting the Perfect Cotton-Filled Jewelry Boxes

3 Things You Should Know About Selecting the Perfect Cotton-Filled Jewelry Boxes

 3 Things You Should Know About Selecting the Perfect Cotton-Filled Jewelry Boxes (1) (1).png

The months are getting cooler, the leaves are starting to fall from trees, and the string lights are going up around your neighborhood. This can only mean one thing: it’s the start of “Engagement Season” (and the holidays).   

According to Wedding Wire, 40% of all engagements take place between November and February.  Not to mention, within that same time frame falls Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and the ultimate jewelry-buying day of the year, Valentine’s Day. Is your store ready for the higher demand? Whether your customers are buying the ring for their special someone, or if they’re buying another piece of jewelry to show how much they care, it’s your job to help prove that good things really do come in small packages.

Sure, we may be most known for our customized shopping bags, but we also know more than just a thing or two about jewelry boxes! So, what are the ins and outs that make cotton-filled jewelry boxes the perfect home for your store’s strands, earrings, and diamonds?

#1 – Cut, Clarity, Color….COTTON!

Before we start talking about the various types of cotton-filled jewelry boxes you can choose from, let’s discuss why they’re so important. To start with the obvious, you want to protect the fragile, often very expensive, products your customer has purchased. Extra cotton for jewelry boxes can prevent jewelry from sliding around, helping to avoid scratches, wear and tear, and potential clasp breakage. Plus, cotton cushioning makes jewelry look high-end, regardless of the actual cost. It just says that the piece is something really special, worthy of protection. Imagine opening up a jewelry box and just finding a loose necklace floating around, sitting on the bottom of the box. Not exactly an elegant image, is it? A cotton padded insert makes sure that when the box is opened, the piece is displayed perfectly, so that no special moment is thrown off course.

#2 – Bling It Out, Bring It Out

And your customers think choosing a ring or necklace is a big decision! As always at Mid-Atlantic Packaging, we have tons of boxes_jewerly_kraft.jpg
options for cotton-lined jewelry boxes so you can find the right fit for your pieces. We’ll help you narrow down the options here.

For a more natural look, we recommend our kraft jewelry boxes with cotton, available in a variety of sizes.

If you’re looking for something a bit fancier, we have metallic on kraft jewelry boxes available, in hues like metallic copper, blue, sage, gold, and silver. The lids fit on snugly for added security – there’s no way we’d let anything fall out of these boxes!

And if you’re after a sleeker look, check out our gloss colored jewelry boxes, lined with cotton, they’re the perfect pop of color. With a hint of shine that’s not overpowering, these boxes come in several breathtaking shades. Don’t forget, you can also custom print the boxes to brand your logo or name.

#3 – Keep It Clean and Simple

Sometimes, the more important and more beautiful the piece of jewelry is, the less of a distraction you want the packboxes_jewelry_glosswhite.jpgaging to be. That’s why we offer several different sizes of classic gloss white jewelry boxes – these boxes are the perfect home for your precious items without taking the focus off of them. The cotton lining reaches all the way to the top of the box, making it appear fuller while protecting your pieces.  

One Last Thing

Don’t forget, the box has to go in a bag…and if you really want to build up that extra special presentation, you can have classic jewelry pouch bags to place your jewelry boxes in. Not only do these sweet drawstring bags create more excitement, but they also give your customers something to keep their jewelry in later, like when they’re traveling or taking pieces to be cleaned. Show customers that you’re thinking about their entire experience, from giving the gift, to the receiver’s years of enjoyment they’ll get from it.

At Mid-Atlantic Packaging, we’re experts in every aspect of packaging, from custom paper shopping bags to tissue paper, gift tags, and jewelry boxes. We aim to be a one-stop shopping experience for customers who want to take their packaging to the next level. No matter what you’re looking for, be it cotton filled jewelry boxes or linen foil jewelry boxes, we can guide you in the right direction and help you to come up with new ideas.

Have a burning question for the blog? A topic you’d like to see covered? Feel free to write to us – we love hearing from our customers!

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