5 Ways that Retail Packaging Can Improve Your Business

5 Ways that Retail Packaging Can Improve Your Business


Looking for ways to spice up your retail packaging? Whether you want a sleek and classic look or you’re interested in an ultra-creative, of-the-moment option, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite retail packaging tips and tricks of the trade. If you’re looking for ways to make your packaging do some double duty, have we got some ideas for you!

Tip # 1. Make It Personal

canvas_tote_shopping_bag.jpgWe’ve seen tons of custom retail packaging that’s tailored to a brand’s demographic or target consumer. But what if you could tailor yours even further…like to a specific customer? To encourage customers to keep coming back, you can run incentives or point programs, similar to the loyalty rewards programs that are so popular now. As a reward, consider customizing a reusable canvas bag for them. It will definitely keep them coming back, and it’s little things like this that can really make your customers feel completely valued. Famous brands like Coca-Cola and clothing designer Rag & Bone have pulled off customized and personalized products with roaring success. Why not try it for yourself?

Tip # 2. Keep It Fresh

If it’s time to give your packaging a facelift, but you’re not ready to get all wild and crazy with it, don’t worry! You can revamp your packaging with a fresh new look and feel, but still keep it clean and conservative. Basic doesn’t have to mean boring when it comes to your packaging. Everyone loves a classic option that never goes out of style. If you’re happy with your design, but feel like freshening it up just a bit, even a small change can have a big impact. Why not try making little tweaks like changing your accent colors, modifying your logo just a bit, or adding a decorative tag or custom printed ribbon tied to your bag handle? Maybe you switch your bags and go with a semi-opaque, Frosted Plastic Euro Tote. Sometimes, it just takes the tiniest change for your store get the reputation of being the Birkin of retail shopping bags.

Tip # 3. Switch Up Your Bag Shapes

bags_kraft_shopping_bags.jpgWe’ve talked before about the one-size-fits-all issue. Customers appreciate size-appropriate packaging. They don’t want their small purchase in a huge bag. Aside from being annoying to lug around, it also may come across as wasteful. Order your custom retail bags in a variety of sizes so you have options to wrap customers’ purchases in the bag that best suits their purchase.

Tip # 4. Make It Useful

In the era of Pinterest and all-things-DIY, delight your customers with the best in branding décor – use your bags around your store as creative and artistic decorations! Have a home gifts boutique or clothing store? Place short vases inside the bags so they don’t show. Fill them with flowers and you have an instant – not to mention super creative and cute – branded bouquet! If flowers are too frilly or don’t really fit the design of your space, you can easily do the same thing with a small succulent plant, or basic – and great smelling – herbs, or anything else you can think of. Use your imagination!

Tip # 5. Get Social

Customers love companies that make the effort to get social with them. You can gain a loyal following by running a few social media promotions or contests every quarter. It’s not hard to do, and tracking the entries or posts are easy with simple rules and a hashtag. Print your contest hashtag on your bags so that customers will be reminded to not only submit their entries, but also to check in to see what everyone else is posting. Be sure to give them some incentive to participate. People don’t need much – a gift card or certain percentage off their next purchase usually works. Plus, not only are you gaining social attention and followers, you’re also ensuring your winners come back to your store and do more shopping.

A great idea for a social contest?

Ask customers to get creative with your bags and snap a picture of what they come up with. The funnier they are, the better. Create a theme to get them started. The holidays or seasons are always fun – if it’s the beginning of February, run a sweetheart contest where they have to incorporate your bag in a love-display. You get the idea…get as inspired as you can!

Now that you’ve checked out some of our favorite ideas for retail packaging, you can probably answer the question what is retail packaging and how can I use it to delight my customers better than anyone else you know. Remember…when it comes to packaging, the sky’s the limit. Start brainstorming or adding on to our ideas here. Who knows? You could become the next subject of our blog post.

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