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18 Stats that Prove Retail Packaging Creates Customer Loyalty and Grows Your Business [INFOGRAPHIC].png

Of course we’re going to tell you how much of a difference the right packaging, bags, and boxes can make to your business – but you don’t have to just trust us. We’ve got the facts to back up our narrative. Need some convincing? Let’s take a look at some of the top statistics regarding the impact that the right retail packaging can have on your store.


Packaging Is the Dominant Impulse Buy Influencer

According to research done by the 2014 Contract Packaging Association, it’s estimated that up to 64% of shoppers. And guess what influences these impulse buys the most? You guessed it: 34% of impulse buys are thanks to packaging – the highest “influencer” out of any other, beating out word of mouth, online shopping, and even television spots, is packaging. Still not convinced? Check this out…that same research proves that only 20% of customers are actually happy with the packaging of the products they’re buying. Without the right packaging, you may be actually missing the mark with 80% of your possible customer base. Let that sink in.


The Proof of Free Advertising

Did you know that over 63% of shoppers actively reuse the packaging of products they buy? That means more than half of your customers are taking your shopping bag out for a few more spins, whether it’s as a lunch bag, a grocery carrier, or even a gift bag. This is basically FREE MARKETING. Getting the right bag should be, at this point, a non-negotiable part of your marketing budget. Oh, and since over 60% of shoppers believe it’s a company’s responsibility to do more for the environment, the fact that you have packaging that can be repurposed will speak volumes. Research from the Contract Packaging Association also shows that 54% of shoppers would purchase from a brand or shop that uses and promotes sustainable packaging over a less environmentally-friendly competitor. So, whether you end up going all out with a “green” option, or you just use cute custom branded shopping bags that your customers love so much they reuse them, it’s a win-win.


The Social Network

We’ve been saying since the beginning that social media matters to your company – especially when the average shopper is less than three feet away from their phones at all times. So reviews, uploaded photographs, hashtags, and everything else about your product and brand is available to consumers at the swipe of a screen. Over 75% of shoppers will recommend products they like to their friends and followers on social media – so make sure your packaging is social-ready at all times. And since 60% of tech-savvy shoppers will be more likely to buy if online reviews are favorable, be sure to bulk up your internet presence and treat every customer like he or she has millions of followers – because you never know…they just might. Pinterest is especially influential, with shoppers being 10% more likely to buy something they’ve seen on that platform than any other social media account. Make sure your packaging is ready for its close up!


Looks Do Matter

You’re so vain, you probably think we designed this packaging just for you, don’t you? By now we’re sure you’re not surprised to hear: 59% of shoppers under 45 prioritize sleek and chic packaging as the number one selling point, even above environmental friendliness. Consumers are on the lookout for packaging that can surprise them. How creative can you get with your branded packaging?


Food? You Gotta Keep It Fresh

Literally and figuratively.  Customers today want creative, custom packaging that goes where they go, and this proves true even for the food industry. And make sure your packaging, if needed, can reseal: 80% of surveyed consumers stressed the importance of resealable packaging. Worried that customized packaging might eat into your profits? Relax – what it does instead is build customer loyalty, which can be compounded even further by word of mouth. Recent statistics show that 44% of millennial shoppers choose higher quality even above the best price point. So that luxe new packaging you’re thinking about investing in? It’s a huge selling point to shoppers of all ages.


If you’re not convinced by our words, then at least take into consideration the facts. Statistics show, quality, consumer-focused packaging doesn’t just get you new customers, it keeps them coming back and spreading the word about your brand. Isn’t it time you changed up that outdated, tired shopping bag in your store? We think so. Get started today!

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